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when it rains it pours

when it rains it pours

crash!boom!bang!hey dick, maybe if you stopped at the stop sign you would still be driving along like normal and your daddy's insurance wouldn't be going up. and that's what you get for playing rave music while you're driving

First, the day at hell in the office.

Then, 6:00. My aunt next door slips while standing on her dresser. Don't ask. She breaks her leg. Ambulance comes, etc.

6:40. Here comes the ambulance again. Asswipe (second car) blows the stop sign on our corner (like most people do, even though there's a gazillion kids running around). He's doing about 50. On a residential street. He rounds the corner, screeching all the way, not slowing down until my dad's BMW convertible, parked on the street, stops him. Ahh nothing like the sound of metal on metal and screeching breaks and breaking glass to interrupt your dinner.

So this day pretty much sucked ass. I don't even have any tequila in the house. I would even settle for a pint of Miller Lite right now. Well, no. Not really.

Bed. That's the ticket.

added later on:
and you know, I think a lot can be said about my new found inner peace because I didn't murder anyone today. I didn't even pick up any sharp objects and threaten bodily harm. But I guess a lot can be said about the old me, because when I went into the administration office and asked if anyone had matches, they wanted to know who I was going to set on fire.


those don't look like funny bunnies...

or fuzzy ones. Or any kind, really. Bleah. I, too, should go to bed.

good god. it was like the scene in "Hot Shots Part Deux". What could possibly go wrong?

No sharp things?
Not even a shard of headlight, held menacingly at asswipe's throat? That's amazing. 'Cause I had grabbed a piece of bumper from the corner near our house and was halfway to your house before I finished reading your post. FTD, people. Geez.

Well. Seems, at least, like this is the pit of the cycle so maybe there's a really sweet peak on it's way...

Geez, louise. You really DO know how to have a bad day.

Think of it as karmic payment in advance for the years of bliss ahead.

Sheeezus! With everything going on, I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend and enjoy some tequila. :-(

Hey, that other car wasn't a Corolla was it? My girlfriend and I have a theory about Corolla drivers being a bit nutty behind the wheel. (my apologies to anyone who reads this that drives a Corolla).