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gothic martyr poetry by natalie, age 12

gothic martyr poetry by natalie, age 12

(found scrawled on a napkin and taped to the fridge)

i am an ocean without fish
i am a forest without trees
i am new york without cars
i am a garden without flowers
i am spongebob without a pineapple
i am a blank cd

my life is empty


i am a girl without a cell phone.


Michele, when I have kids, I'm gonna get you to raise them for me. 'Cause you do it so well.
Damn, your kids rock.

So this is what I have to look forward to in a couple of years, huh?

That sounds like Nat with a little of Jenna added to it!

wow, that's frighteningly well written.

I felt her pain. She's going to have a helluva blog one day soon...just like dear ol' mom!

a twelve year old girl with no cell phone! oh the humanity.

I too have been that girl.

Good poem. Are you going to give her a phone?

(And what's a spongebob?)

Did she write that poem, or is it a grade school conspiracy that all the kids took part in to try to get their parents to buy them phones.

I could see getting her a pager now, and a phone later, when she gets a little bit older, and starts to date more.

The thing with the phone is that she will never have an excuse not to call you back. She can't disappear with her friends for hours and then say, "Oh, I didn't have the money to call, and we couldn't find a payphone."

(Thinking about all the excuses I used to not call my mom.)

And actually New York without cars doesn't really sound that desolate. It evokes a kinder, loving, green New York.

(But you don't need to tell her I said that.)

At least she's sharing her feelings. I drew decapitated heads for my mother, and she put them on the fridge.

Ha! That was great!

What's a SpongeBob? What is life?

What's a SpongeBob?!? You people need to watch more cartoons.

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