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In my perfect world....

I could eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and not gain an ounce.

There would be a 3 strikes rule in Hollywood: You make 3 box office flops in a row, you can never make another movie.

Joel Shumacher and Jerry Bruckhemier would never be allowed to work together.

Ashcroft would be the poop scoop guy at the zoo.

Cigarettes would be 50 cents a pack and not cause all kinds of disease.

It would be illegal to own a Creed cd.

Everyone would be required to take a nap at 1pm.

There would be fashionable clothes for people above a size 7.

Futurama and Family Guy would not be cancelled, but every reality show on Fox would.

Metallica would have broken up before they recorded Load.

Every day would be free comic book day.

The Mets would never win a world series.

There would be 6 months of spring and 6 months of fall, and Halloween would come twice a year.

Every driver would use their turn signals and make full stops at stop signs.

Really nice shoes wouldn't be so damn uncomfortable.

Mondays would be optional.

What's your perfect world like?


In my perfect world... McDonald's would have flan in their menu.

Debbie Gibson would still be around churning out big pop hits.

Scott Stapp would be a pool cleaner at Disneyworld.

It would be okay to pick your nose in public.

People would only be required to work 4 hours a day.

Sunday is always Fun Day.

Farscape would be on every night of the week.
You'd get to choose your neighbors.
It would never be colder than 74.
Digital SLRs would be about $900 cheaper.
Women would have no hair on their legs or under their arms.
River Phoenix would still be alive.

I would live alone in a stone cottage 20 miles hike from the nearest paved road, but on a quiet river, and I would have a fast Internet connection via satellite, electricity from solar panels, and food grown by me or brought in once a week. An old trapper would stop his canoe at the bank of the river where it runs by my cabin to leave me food and library books and to take my borrowed books back to the library. I would pay for it from my earnings as the author of book about a guy who went crazy from living alone in the woods and eventually ate an old trapper.

I'm moving in with Eeksy.

I would like Natalie Portman to clean mah pool.

Wow. I like your rules. And: the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Islanders would alternate winning the Stanley Cup every year. Staying up late to watch West coast games on NHL Center Ice qualifies you to sleep in and accrue sick time. People would drive like Philadelphians everywhere (there is at least some method to the madness).

-The only person that is allowed to sing like Eddie Vedder would be Eddie Vedder.

-beer would be good for you and every house would have a tap next to the water faucet
-there would really be a fashion police
-there would be no allergies or asthma
-mg and miss b would put up more naked pictures of themselves
-forty year old fat chicks would be all the rage in hollywood, and i'd get a role requiring me to do a lesbian love scene with angelina jolie
-if you were a good person in life, your soul would be uploaded to the internet when you die.

My perfect world doesn't have any stop signs. Well, it does, but they apply to everyone except me.

Three words: Adam West, President

You basically summed it all up. Although I'm not too picky about shoes. Thumbs up for daily naps!

At the very least there would be no trash bags full of used kitty litter ripping open before you got them out the back door.

One question: What would play on Fox?

In my perfect world, you'd never have to work on your birthday, and more importantly, you'd never have to work the day after your birthday either.

Cats and dogs would live together in peace and harmony, and love would always be requited.

But not so quickly that it wasn't a blissful relief when it happened.

I do believe this one's goin' up on the fridge!

They'd give away Ferrari's for collecting coke ring pulls, and broadband connections would be free from the health service for people with an internet addiction.

*whatever i ate turned into whatever my body needed, physically, mentally, medicinally
*AMEN on that daily nap thing
*teenagers would NOT suck
*work 4 hours, get paid for 8
*cars were self-repairing, self-fueling and self-cleaning. make that cars and all other appliances...

*LAST WORD: replicators.

People would be required to post a corresponding I.Q. relative to how good they looked, Otherwise they would be spanked ritually and often.

There would be 3 more hours in every day
people would not be aloud to work jobs they suck at or don't like to do
My girlfriend would not live 2 1/2 hours away
no one would drive and we would have great public transit
My son would go to the best schools of his interests and not make us both broke
every sunday cloths would be optional
halloween would come monthly


band t shirts and boxer shorts would be appropriate attire for every day, everywhere.

TV's wouldn't exist
Children would be guaranteed a happy existence
No one would die before they were 80
You could control the weather - think thermostat
Everyone would find someone to love
Teenagers would always make the right decisions.
Eating cheese, chocolate, and bread with butter would be as healthy as eating lettuce, radishes and tofu.
Watermelon would taste like it did 30 years ago

  • A "business" work week was only 4 days.
  • Girls could not get pregnant before the age of 21
  • Everyone was given at least 2 week notice before death to make peace and enjoy their final days.
  • There were no drunk drivers.
  • Every home had a fireplace.
  • 2 hour lunch breaks.
  • Body temperature was always comfortable.
  • There was no traffic.
  • Maternity leave was mandatory 1 year with pay!
  • Option of working from home or 4 weeks vacation to start!

In my perfect world: ...there would be no pain nor death.....