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my spidey sense is tingling

my spidey sense is tingling

Be still my heart. Finally, a movie that lived up to the anticipatory hype I bestowed on it.

Yes, it's cheesy. Yes, the dialogue is horrific. It's as if they took every cliche out of every bad film, stuck them in a mixer and used the results to write Spiderman.

However, the bad writing is redeemed by Sam Raimi's direction, turning the clunky screenplay into a great thrill ride of a picture. The web-slinging and the dizzying scenes from the heights of New York City plus William Defoe's amazing ability to overact to the point of absurdity all made this movie great fun. Toby Maguire is perfect as the understated Peter Parker. Kirsten Dunst is sort of blah as Mary Jane, but I never thought of her as anything but blah. J.K. Simmons totally chewed the scenery up as J. Jonah Jameson. I wanted to see more of him. But this movie was all about the action. A comic I read every day as a teen has come to life, and gloriously so. What more could you want?

It was well worth the 9 bucks admission (plus 3 dollars for a bottle of water). And I will see it again. And again.

Two more things: For those who asked, the names of the songs I listed on the "sample this" post are now included in the post.

For the person who emailed me saying that I spend too much time talking about the minute details of my day to day life: DJ puked his guts out when he came home from his dad's today. All over the house. And then he had diarreah for about an hour. Now don't come back, ok?


Regarding "takers" on guessing the lyrics...

It seems clear our tastes in blogs (whose are worth the read) don't coincide with our tastes in music. Even after you posted the answers, I can't say I recognized more than 2 or 3 of the artists.

Oh well. I still love your blog!

Don't ever stop talking about the minute details of your day - I need it!! I am sorry that DJ is sick - again!

oh, the diarrhea. we lost a pair of undies and a throw rug to it this morning.

hope DJ feels better soon.

anyone who thinks michele provides too many details about her daily life is warmly invited to go read my blog, Feral Living, instead, at http://feralliving.surreally.com which, i swear, is 100% free of personal detail.

remember, that's Feral Living, http://feralliving.surreally.com

ack, the old comments/html thing.
Maybe this will work: Feral Living.

um, that should be "miguel" and not "migueul" could you fix that, michele, and delete this comment, thank you very much?

Nah, I'd rather leave it up here for everyone to see. That's what you get for whoring yourself in my comments, bugman.

minute detail is what makes it for me.

i was conflicted about whether or not to blog about how my son knocked over a water glass at dinner yesterday, but now i am emboldened to share the tale with the world. thanks for the inspiring leadership.

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