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stuff 5.6

stuff 5.5

Did you get your free comic books yesterday? I did. Of course, I didn't stop there. After two comic book stores and a trip to Hot Topic, yesterday's take included:

Stuffed Gir
Gir shoelaces
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac collected
Squee collected
Marvel's Heroes
9-11 Emergecy Relief

A pleasant day, indeed.

Rannie is coming to New York for the Blogger Calendar shoot. No matter what Choire and Baz plan on doing, I am not getting naked, ok? Well, maybe I'll just flash you. Just a little boob action. Maybe. Let me work on my tan. Meanwhile, (and speaking of boobs) check out Rannie's 50K contest.

I've been getting plenty of inquiries about the wedding. We are just having a small, intimate, family only type thing. Courthouse, Taco Bell. However, I am planning on some kind of party in September; a friend's only thing. So I will let everyone who asked know about that when plans become clearer. Also, we are not registered anywhere but if you are reallyl insisting on buying us a wedding present, our combined Amazon wishlist will work nicely. Because what else does a newly married couple need besides comic books and DVDs?

And our wedding song has been decided upon, though there really was never any doubt: Nick Cave's Are You The One That I've Been Waiting For. When Justin and I were having one of those new-fangled long distance relationships that take place mostly on the phone, he played this song for me one night when I was feeling particularly lonely. I cried like a baby. So yea, that's our song.

Guest poster over at Raising Hell today. Emily says: what do you want, a kid or a lifestyle? Great stuff. And there's only 3 more days to enter the Mother's Day contest.

I'm so happy that Leslie is back online, after her debacle with Verisign. Welcome back, Leslie (the site of the day).

And..according to Rolling Stone, I own/have owned 5 of the 50 coolest albums ever, but 8 of the 50 uncoolest albums ever recorded. I have to say, that I'm kind of happy to be considered uncool by Rolling Stone. Because when your idea of cool is The Strokes, I'm not on the same page as you. (thanks to the fab Jerwin for the link)

Enough stuff. I need coffee. It's Sunday, isn't it? Damn.


you have to look at each album one at a time? Fuck that ... I know I'm uncool.

I picked up a couple of free Love and Rockets when I stopped off at Ye Olde Comique Shoppe for game cards - I had no idea it was global. Cool!

I went on a huge Zim shopping spree myself on Wednesday morning. Stuffed Gir, stuffed Gir naked, stuffed Zim, plus some patches (oh my, how cute are the patches?), a really tiny Gir t-shirt ("someone needs a hug!") and some other crap as well. Several bags of loot, sponsored by my Zim loving husband.
Who then called me on my cell phone to tell me he got laid off. Fuck. I might take back the watch, but that's it.

Your wedding song makes me cry, too, and no one's even ever played it for me... Please put me on your party-in-Sept updates list! Jet Blue is my friend.

It would not be a party without you, Jessica. And yes, the patches are adorable. Going back to get some today.

It's not like I didn't already know I'm uncool ... still, it made me chuckle that the first LP they list as uncool was the one I actually went to Borders looking for yesterday (couldn't find it, unfortunately).

I suppose we all have our guilty pleasures. ;-)

I couldn't make it through the one-at-a-time lists either, but I did get far enough to find an album I must have. Neil Diamond's 1968 masterpiece "Velvet Gloves and Spit". "The Pot Smoker's Song" sounds hilarious "wherein guest narrators share their bad trips in between Neil and his ladies singing "Pot, pot, gimme some pot!" I gotta get that.

Yeah, I got through number 3 and said no way I'm gonna subject myself to 50 pages of ads with little content. I wonder what the demographics for RS subscribers are nowadays? When an ad on the bottom of page one of the list says "enter a Clearasil contest" you gotta wonder.

i only have 4 of the cool albums and none of the uncool albums. i'm not even uncool enough to be cool.

bah. that's it. i'm going to buy some Docker slacks now.