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just so you know..

just so you know..

There will be no post here tomorrow. I have to be out of the house extremely early in the morning, and then we are headed out to see Nick Cave straight from work. Oh, and we will be dining with Chris, Baz and MG before the show. They finally get to meet my man.

See you Friday morning, with a review of Mr. Cave.


Neko Case is opening that show. Holy, holy, holy fuck I'm jealous. You have no idea. I'm not going to be able to read about it, think about it, anything. For fuck's sake, the closest she comes to me is Indianapolis. I'm really going to try to get over this. I hope we can still be friends. I might need a few days/weeks before I can talk to you guys again, though.

Ok, I'm better now

Saw him Saturday in Detroit. Best damned show I have EVER seen. I saw him in '86 and '89 and then not again until this year and I feel older than dirt. Neco was great.

awwwww i wanna dine with you people! but alas, i'll be at band practice and i wasn't invited anyway.

but if you are interested in making another rock-based-trip into the big scary city again on friday, my band is playing at Finally Fred's at midnight. whoot whoot.

Neco? That's candy...isn't it?? No. Wait. That's Necco. Neko. Sorry.

Bryan, we are dining at 6:15 at Zen Palate by the Beacon. If band practice isn't until later, come on by.

Missed you in the afternoon - enjoy the show! Better see you tomorrow!! How was the veggie food?