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quitters, inc.

quitters, inc.

I'm a quitter. I've always been, probably will always be.

I smoked a few cigarettes over the weekend after not smoking for three months. So in essence, I have quit quitting smoking. And now I am quitting not quitting again.

It's written all over my history. Quitter. I'm sure it's on my permanent record that they are always talking about, the one that follows you through your whole life. Big bold letters stamped across the folder containing my life's deeds. QUITTER.

I started ballet in kindergarten. It lasted all of 5 days (excuse: dancing gave me a stomach ache). Hell, if I could have quit kindergarten I would have. Later on I quit chorus (excuse: I don't like the music teacher, she's mean to me). Then I quit girl scouts (ok, I intentionally got kicked out). I joined clubs and stopped going after two or three meetings. I joined softball but never made it as far as going to a game. In high school it was the same thing. Join club, never go to a meeting. Join activity, quit activity. Date guy, quit dating guy week later.

I have quit more jobs than most people have had in a lifetime. Some, like the one in the library, lasted years. Others, like the job selling the Daily News lasted 15 minutes.

I got engaged when I was 20 and broke up with him (rightfully so) three months before the wedding. Then I quit my job. I got married later on and quit that too after 7 years.

I have the beginning chapters of at least 100 books tucked away in my closet. I have manuscripts that are 5 pages from being finished. I have poems that trail off in the middle and screenplays with no endings.

I have started collections only to have my interest in what I was collecting die out before the set became complete. I have made schedules and lists and demands on myself and then forgot about them days later. I start an antibiotic and quit taking it two days in.

I left college with 12 credits to go for my degree in English (due to life circumstances) but never went back. 12 credits away from a degree and I just couldn't finish it off.

I get interested in a weekly tv show and then stop watching it 3 weeks into the season. I obsess over things and then discard them like worthless garbage. I read a story in the news that interests me, and I am suddenly at the library, taking out 100 books on the subject and researching magazine articles. And ten days later, the urge is gone. I've quit. Again.

I never did finish building my Sims house or get to the end of Metal Gear Solid 2. And I never got that last Preacher collected.

This weblog is the longest I have ever stuck with something. A little over a year. Don't blink or I might be gone soon.

I don't know what this all says about me except I'm a quitter. And maybe I should quit quitting.


Listen, you have to be alive to quit things. But if you don't quit smoking, you'll quit living - probably a lot sooner than those who love you want you too. You'll quit having good health sooner than you'd like as well. Problem is - those "quits" won't be by choice, they'll be by force.

Remember, smoking is willfully inhaling large concentrations of several chemicals which both directly and indirectly mutagenize your DNA - the molecules that dictate your physical integrity on this earth. Why fuck with that anymore than is absolutely necessary?

Not a nice message from me, but I'm adamant: "Quit having free will - by keeping smoking."

By the way, very nice post :) and in appreciation of the last line, please do quit quiting (i.e. choose freedom by quitting smoking, and finish those manuscripts).

Yep. Yup.

Not quitting work is the hardest thing to do. Work really sucks.

all these years I have thought I was the only one who intentionally got kicked out of girls scouts. Feels good to know I am not alone.

You're not the only one with drawers full of partial manuscripts or faded interests. Don't look at it as quitting. Think in terms of experimentation.

If you pull out a cigarette when I see you tomorrow, I. Will. Kill. You. You've been warned. (Tomorrow, by the way... gleep!!!)

Just don't quit this, ok?

You don't sound like a quitter to me. You just finish faster than most. Things don't have to be used up, emptied out, or run to the end to be useful. You've gotten all you needed from something, and instead of wasting time, you move on to the next important thing. If you stuck with everything until some artificial stopping point, think of all the things you would have missed doing. Some spend their lives revolving around a small area, but you choose to travel farther in a more expansive Universe. That is not a bad thing.

Well, there's quitting, and there's knowing when it's time to cut your losses.

You sound like me. Except I'm learning to see it as a character strength. I stay with things as long as they are "juicy" and now I say that something has lost its "juice" instead of saying that "I quit." It's more accurate.

I have tried to quit so many times and I am the same as you I start something then never follow through with it :( The blog is the only thing thta has kept my interest well except for anything computer related that allways keeps my interest ;)
I want to quit smoking but probably not bad enough to do it

Yeh--you're not a quitter; you're adventurous. Like the Marlboro Man.
In all seriousness, don't berate yourself over a couple cigarettes; as long as you don't begin a HABIT again, it's no worse than walking 5 blocks down any major avenue.

Oh, I ran into this bit about quitters really being INFP Myers-Brigg personality types; they are good at starting things, and just need others to finish them.

I feel so much better now. I'm not a quitter, I'm a starter.I'm not a quitter, I just have yet to find anything worthy of my full interest. I am not a quitter, I am just ecletic.

And I am done smoking.

I always said there is nothing worse than a quitter. Quitters make you feel bad about smoking "I quit so can you". I agree with Michelle May 4 2002
"I am not a quitter, I am just ecletic.
And I am done smoking."

I am done. As of April 26 2002 the day before my daughters first birthday.

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