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stuff 5/1

stuff 5/1

Happy May Day.

*Today marks the relaunch of my aortal pick for the next few days - Banshee Studios, a quarterly e-zine for fiction and essay writers. They have a beautiful new design with which to show off their sudden fiction, poetry, contests and so much more. I may even submit something myself. Please, go check them out, not just for the redesign but for the beautiful words that lie within.

*If any of you are planning to take a trip by airplane soon, please remember that while you are now allowed to pack nail files, tweezer and razors, axes and your Transformer toys are not allowed.

And remember also that you cannot wear a thong to a school dance.

*Dave? Anyone home? Dave?

If anyone out there plays the drums, Natalie would like to interview you (via email) for a school project. Please contact me if interested.

And lastly, in the Things that Should not be Department, Papa Roach has covered a Faith No More song on their new cd. If anyone ever dares to play that song in front of me, they will die a horrible, spork-related death.

And that's the news. Now for coffee.


We found out the hard way that you also can't pack mustache trimming scissors and take them on a plane either.

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