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what the hell am i talking about?

what the hell am i talking about?

I look worse than I feel. That's all I have to say about that. And for those who asked (but other than that, how was the game?) DJ's team won 17-1. The other team eventually gave up and called the game. They should have given up before that line drive to third smacked me upside the head.

I dreamed last night about a wicked stepmother who flew around on a broom and carried wads of money rolled up in her pockets. There were kids in rolling cars that I was trying to save, and fireworks exploding in the sky, and colors rained down on us all sparkly and glittery, while I tried to save Instant Message conversations with my wicked stepmother so I could have evidence against her when I called the cops. Somehow Bryan Adams and Adam Ant were involved, and the cast of Knots Landing. And golf clubs. I think that hit to the head did more damage than I thought. Weirdest. Dream. Ever.

It's going to be another day of sitting around, listening to the rain and the howling wind and counting the hours until Thursday, when we will be seeing Nick Cave and dining with Chris, and 24 hours after that seeing Spiderman.

It's almost May already, then. Mother's Day is May 12, and it also marks something else for me. It will be mark the three year anniversary of my divorce being finalized. The finalization came on what would have been our 10th wedding anniversary. Put that in your irony hat and smoke it.

I'm thinking of letting my Yahoo email account die a gruesome, lonely death. Between Yahoo's move towards pay accounts, and the 300 pop-up ads that greet me every time I sign in, it deserves to die. So if you could, for the time being, use michele@rhzine.com, I would appreciate it. Someday I will figure out how to set up an email account on this domain.

And speaking of deserving a gruesome fate...

And an undeserved fate.

Sorry for the rambling incoherence. It's going to be one of those days. Back to sleep, I go.


Erm, I think you need to update your Blogsnob entry as you currently get directed to your old site.

Thanks. I tried to correct it several times, but it's being a bitch.

Awww...Poor Ted Lilly...NOT! :)

As you can tell, I'm a Mets Fan and I despise all things Yankee except for this blog.

Thank you and good night.

First: sorry about that hit-and-run baseball...


Have faith: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are worth the wait! I saw them this Saturday in Detroit--he's much more the showman than I expected him to be (esp. after seeing a more cool, sedate Nick in New Orleans last year), and was just kickass for the entire show + 3 encores. Best moments: Nick coming offstage to respond to a woman who'd said "God bless you" (his response: double-take, then earnest look of recognition, then wishing the same to her, climbing down, offering a hug), and the last encore ("Stagger Lee") during which the combined force of Nick's spewing + Blixa's high-pitch screaming was almost too good to take.

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