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Damn, that hurt.

I was at DJ's game, minding my own business when a hard drive to 3rd base came flying at me. Bam! Right in the head, next to my eye. So now I have a slight concussion, a black eye and a swollen, bruised cheek. I look lovely. Straight out of a Lifetime movie. I'll have to spend the next few days facing "how hard did he hit you" jokes, which really aren't funny at all.

So, no party for me tonight. I will be nowhere in public until I have to go to work Monday morning. Hopefully by then I will look somewhat normal. For now, it's another Saturday spent on the couch, being waited on and fussed over and watching cartoons.


oh dear... you KNOW by monday it's gonna be purple and green and blue and...

oh my god! you poor kid. i'm so sorry. :(

the worst thing is the people who don't ask, but just look at you like "why don't you just leave him?!"

vitamin c is good for bruises.

Wear a great big floppy hat as though you are celebrating spring. And big tinted glasses. And carry a card that says "you should see what HE looks like!"

Ouch. Just be glad you weren't at a nascar event, I guess, getting hit by flying car debris. Next time, sit behind the plate.

Holy cow... I hope you feel better soon. I was hit in the temple with a baseball once so I can truly feel your pain.

At least it wasn't in the eye. (I hope.) You could have had some real damage done.....

Anyways, hope you feel better soon.

Arnica (you can get it at health food stores) is like Bruise-b-gone.
Glad it missed your eyes, ayoy!

whenever anyone looks at you funny, wink and whisper "fight club. shhh."

we missed you so much last night, miss m. kissy kissy on the big bad bruise

Bummer! I would have loved to have met you. Hope your eye gets better soon. In the meantime, milk it for all it's worth!

Ouch! Hope you're feeling better!

I caught a baseball to the face when I was 7, first of 3 nose breaks (mom told me to stop whining and always needing to be the center of attention). Grr. It turned out pretty cute in spite of all the trauma. So, um, if anyone gives you shit, tell them "I've been told it adds character. Hey, let's see if it's true!" while winding up your pitching arm at them.

Butterfly kisses, ice packs, and vitamin C lotion to you, Michele...

Owie zowie! Hope it's hurting less and you're feeling better by now!

I was a soccer goalie in high school.

I LOVE getting balls to the face.

"There are places you can go..."

Hope you feel better soon!

I'm sure what you meant, melly, is (albiet sarcastically) SOCCER balls in the face.

For a moment, skimming through the commentary, I had to fight to ensure my monitor wasn't dripping with coffee.

shel, I had thought "in" but then it felt too obvious what I was getting at, and I'm not exactly sure what michele's stance on teabagging is.

my stance on teabagging is pro.

Has anyone else here read 'A Prayer for Owen Meany'? This was the first thing I thought of. I guess it's lucky for you that whoever hit that ball isn't an instrument of God.

It did come to mind, Phineas. But I think the kid who hit me works for the other side.

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