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today's agenda

Raising Hell's Mother's Day Essay Contest: Word to Your Mother. Real cash (gift certificate) prizes!

today's agenda

Get work about 20 minutes late
Spend half an hour drinking coffee and talking to Bonnie
Spend next three hours working on Raising Hell and playing Snood
Take a two hour lunch, consisting of appetizers and tequila
Go back to work and head for office couch
Stay there until 4:30, reading a book
Get home about 5:15, send kids off to their dad's
Put pajamas on
Eat take-out chinese food
Play the Henry Rollins game with Justin
Fall asleep on couch, with hangover, at 7:00
Wake up for third period of hockey game, curse at tv, go back to sleep

And what's in store for your Friday?


You don't happen to work with a guy named George Costanza do you?

Everything I know about work, I learned from George.

Seriously, I don't do this all the time. I may be a civil servant, but I'm not that kind of civil servant. Today is just ummm....SlackOff Friday.

Yea, that's the ticket.

cry a lot, because it snowed an inch, we're due for another, and I move tomorrow.

Everybody needs a slacker day every once in a while. My day will mainly be spent daydreaming through a staff meeting and surfing weblogs, posting inane comments like this one. I've gotten off to a strong start by posting inane comments to my own blog, not that that's unusual.

And Shel? That snow is just so wrong. :(

I'm getting tattooed @ 5 PM PDT. Pray for me... :(

I slept until 10aM. Had class from 11 to 12. I worked from 12 to 4. I checked out my summer apartment from 4 to 5. I'm going to drink from 6 to 8. I will be sober enough to DD a friend from 9 to 2.

I will sleep, and then spend all of tomorrow cleaning my room and writing essays.