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stuff 4.25

stuff 4.25

Raising Hell has a guest star today: Jimfo's Ten Rules of Parenting.

Also, Raising Hell presents it's first contest: Word to Your Mother.

Wow. Winning a playoff game: exciting. Winning a playoff game that ties the series up: really exciting. Winning a playoff game by virtue of a penalty shot with 2:30 left in the game: priceless.

Remember last week when the banks in the northeast were on terror alert? Well, that didn't pan out, so now it's shopping malls and supermarkets. I'm starting to think they really don't know anything and they're making this all up. Wait, I've always thought that.

Enough stuff. I need coffee.


I heard a report on the radio this morning that the CIA was warning of terrorists planning "hack attacks" against websites and email. The government was "pretty sure" that they didn't have the ability to access nuclear missile launch codes. I think the terrorists must have taken over Yahoo! already.

Remember, keep your blog within your control at all times, and report any strange person offering to hold your blog for you while you go to the restroom, or something. Stay tuned for further updates.

Citizens who live with a perpetual low-grade anxiety are easy to control citizens.

Was it 1984 that was always sounding similar alerts? Don't forget Ender's Game where everyone is focused on preparing for the return of the aliens.

These captured terrorist masterminds like screwing with our heads. The warnings are coming from information revealed during interrogation sessions.

It's not that I wouldn't be vigilant, but I don't think these interrogations yield much useful operational intelligence. These cells are capable of working on their own.

sue, in "Ender's Game" the aliens didn't come back because Earth launched several preemptive strikes... which is actually more paranoid than waiting around for an invasion that never comes.