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tv turn on

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tv turn on

I was asked by a rather closed-minded person at baseball practice yesterday if I was observing TV Turnoff Week. No. I mean, Hell No!

I make no apologies about being a tv addict. I make no excuses for my kids loving the television. And I really don't want to get into a twenty minute discussion with someone about it if that someone cannot accept the fact that not every person thinks the same way. I also will have the urge to put my fist down your throat if you dare hint that I am in some way inferior to you, not as good a parent as you, not worthy of breathing the polluted air around us, if I watch a lot of tv.

If you want to turn off your tv, that's fine. More power to you. If you don't own a tv, that's great, too. That's your prerogative. I admire your staunch stand on the issue. Just don't throw your tv-less ideals at me, ok?

We love tv. And no, I am not going to sit here and pretend that all the tv we watch is educational. Sure, we watch the Discovery Channel and Biography and National Geographic TV. We love that stuff. But we also watch cartoons and sitcoms and the adults in this house watch late night softcore porn on Cinemax and violent movies and infomercials. And sports. We watch a whole lot of sports.

Don't tell me that tv keeps us from reading. We are all readers. We read every single night. Sometimes together, sometimes alone.

Don't tell me that tv keeps us from enjoying time together as a family. We manage to cram plenty of family time into the few hours a day we have together. Yes, we get outside. We play sports. We take walks. We run around. We hike through the local nature preserve. We sit on the lawn and stare at the stars and talk.

We do talk. We talk at dinner, we talk in the morning, we talk at bedtime. We talk while we watch tv. And we listen.

Don't tell me that we are mindless sheep suffering at the hand of advertisers. My kids do not get, nor do they want, everything they see on commercials. We are not name brand whores. We aren't mesmerized by advertising. That's the beauty of a remote control and 140 channels. Commercial comes on, we switch to another hockey game, another news channel and yes, another cartoon.

We like entertainment. Not every moment in our lives needs to be a learning experience. Sometimes we want to watch something for fun. Sometimes we want to just sit in front of the tv and stare glassy eyed at music videos as we let a rough day slip away. Not every moment in our lives is structured and organized and divided into neat compartments where each moment is an experience that will somehow shape our future.

It's not like I'm letting the kids watch programs that aren't meant for children. And it's not like Justin and I spend our Saturday nights watching a Tom Green/Pauly Shore marathon. We do have some standards in our tv watching.

I will not turn off my tv. I most certainly will not turn off my tv during the NHL playoffs. I will not give up the Weather Channel and Spongebob and Six Feet Under. They bring me enjoyment. Why does it matter so much to you what the source of my enjoyment is?

You can turn off your tv. You can throw your tv out for all I care. Good for you. As long as you don't preach to me that going tv-less makes you a better person than me, you can talk to me about it all you want. The minute you tell me that (even though you were fucking your neighbor while your husband was on a business trip) you are a better mother/person than me, or that your family (even though your son was expelled twice for punching a girl) is better than mine or that your home life (remember when the cops came to your house after your husband fired that gun at your dog?) is nicer than mine because you turned your tv off for one whole week out of the year, that's when I stop caring what you have to say on the subject.


From one TV addict to another, I thank you with all of my heart.

Maybe you should check out TVBlog.

Wow. I think you're bitter. (Who is this paragon of neighbourly behaviour that is trying to police your entertainment habits? Have you blogged about them before?)

I don't have a TV....and alas, I could certainly use one when my sister finally sends me my really late Christmas present...an ATARI 2600.

you know, it's no secret i loathe television and everything about it. i love books, and i love movies too. the right movie lets me think for myself. the wrong one, well....

at the same time, my wife can watch television and thoroughly enjoy her experience. she seems untouched by the commercialism that drives me out of my hanging-on-to-sanity-with-a-thread mind. do i ask her to turn it off? no. this one, i believe, calls for a big "DUH". why would i assume that since i hate it, so does - better yet, so SHOULD - she?

different people, different enjoyments. i really wish people would let others make choices for themselves.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Right on! While I don't mind a few of my friends telling me how they get by without TV, when things like this turn up I'm peeved.

Just think: if you substitute "Jesus Christ" for "TV" in that post, you'd have an identical dilemma to the one I have with my sister. Oy vey. Fortunately I have 2 other sane and tolerant ones to more than even things out. They love me, even if I'm not their clone.

As for TV, I can take it or leave it. To each his own.

Soon these idiots will want us to stay off the Internet for a week. ;-)

but... can you blame the guy? he believes he's right, and he believes that if only the people he talked to were smarter, they'd understand. when there's so many idiots in the world, it gets really easy to do this. but, yes. bad man.

I am one of those that gets by without TV, and happily. We had TV, cable even (gasp!) before we moved 8 miles out of town, and we watched it all the damn time. Our problem was, we let TV start taking over our lives, dictating our schedule. So it's good that it's gone. Well, the TV itself is not gone, we got a new 32" in fact, for watching DVDs! :-D I follow sports religiously online via ESPN and others, and during football season I catch my Bronco games next door at my in-laws. So it's all good. Whatever floats your boat.

I use my tv like a drug, I could just as easily unplug the coax and plug it straight into my arm. And from time to time I need a CNNenema, some time away from the "methadone metronome" which constantly extoles to me the virtues of some product I don't need, or some celebrity I'll never meet, now would I care to. I like the time away from my television and have loved the times in my life when I didn't have one at all. If not for the basketball, I wouldn't really need one.

That said, the great thing about a society like ours is the inherent right of each individual to extole the virtues of any point of view, regardless of my thoughts on it. You shake your remote thang, sista.

we don't have a TV at our house and never have (for the past 10 years). i tried to buy one at christmas to watch dvd's and our daughter got totally pissed off and forbade it. she's 12 and proud of her eleet status as non-TV owner.

but we're not snarky about it. we visit the grandparents most weekends and catch up on our cartoons. if there were a 24-hour tom & jerry channel, that's all i'd do.

i admit to being anti-tv, but it's for me, not for everyone. also, i'm addicted to the internet, which maybe has slightly more socialization value but is just as "bad" in terms of advertising and in its ability to suck you in.

i might run my life differently, but i fully respect your opinion on this, michele. good for you for voicing it so well.

This observance is so absurd, I am doing just the opposite. I am leaving the set turned on 24 hours a day for the entire week. Morning and night, storm or not, viewers or not. I am committed to leaving the damned boob tube on through the entire period.

I am a TV addict, make no apologies, and screw anyone else who objects.

Bleah. Yes, some people watch TV all the time. I used be one of those people - in college, when I had that time.
Now, I watch my favorite shows, and occasionally other things.

awful odd that TV turnoff week coincides with hockey playoffs. I think it's a plot.

Hmmmm, one can conclude from the responses above that people who watch a lot of television suffer equal amounts of guilt for doing so. Try to think of all the really intelligent people you have known who watch 4-5 hours of television everyday; you're probably still thinking...