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and the day just goes on and on....

my kids caught in a mosh at raising hell.

and the day just goes on and on....

Did you ever fall asleep at your desk? And then you wake up and realize that you had been dead asleep sitting up and you wonder if you drooled or talked in your sleep and if you did, did anyone notice?

I dropped a paper clip in my coffee and fished it out with a pen that leaked black ink into my cup. I stapled my sweater to a piece of paper, not on purpose, and not for the first time. I got a pretzel stuck in my throat and started coughing up my insides. I emailed my sister to tell her I needed water and wrote cocking instead of choking. She still hasn't replied. That black ink from the pen made it's way to my forehead somehow. Maybe when I was rubbing it after banging it on the mircrowave door. My sweater, I just discovered, is inside out. Maybe I should go check the mirror and see if their is a booger hanging out of my nose. I mean, could it get much worse than this? Do I have toilet paper on the bottom of my shoe? Is my fly open?

Is it bedtime yet?


The last time I fell asleep at work (not counting classes I've been sent to), I wasn't at my desk, I was in a meeting. With one other person. They didn't say anything about it. I have to assume they were just being polite.

Yes. Sweet Dreams

I've many of those days before...I've fallen asleep at work countless times..the only bad thing about falling asleep on my job is I'm a radio DJ..I just keep praying that I never fall asleep during the actual show..good thing I have a nice co-worker who hits me everytime I look like I'm about to fall asleep during the commercials..

I feel for you; I've certainly had days like that. I try and console myself that they just contribute to my reputation for being eccentric, but I'm probably fooling myself.

Sounds like maybe you need to talk them into some telecommuting!

For the longest time, at my old job, my signature at the bottom of my eemails had my eemail address at adam@company.cok. My wife thought I did that as a joke when I sent her an e-mail, and I didn't catch it for months.

That is what I will be like tomorrow. Hockey is on late tonight, 10:30 faceoff....

I laughed out loud when you mentioned stapling your sweater. If you don't beleive that you snore, you should give Justin a tape recorder. It can provide convincing proof.

Ooooh boy -- sounds like one of those days you need to drive home backwards and try it all over again. When I worked at JC Penney's in college, we used to tag-team and take naps in the little cubby hole under the register/counter. One would stand guard, the other would sleep...and take turns all day long...

i don't fall asleep at my desk. i have the art of the bathroom nap perfected. i always get back before my power settings turn off my monitor (fifteen minutes). very refreshing. diminishes the need for actual nighttime sleep.

I have sleep apnea. In December, I fell asleep at my desk at work, and snored. By January, I was off the job site. By April, I was unemployed. Coincidence?

Please get help, before something really bad happens to you.

No fair making me laugh that hard at work. They know I'm not smiling cuz I'm here.

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