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cluck cluck

cluck cluck

Scene: Burker King drive-through:

Me: Quick, what does everyone want?
Nat: Mom, you have to cluck!
Me: Cluck? What?
DJ: Yea, if you cluck you get fifty cents off of a chicken whopper!
Me: I don't want a chicken whopper.
Nat: I do! I do!
Me: Then you cluck!
Nat: Cluck! Cluck!
DJ: Moo! Moooo!
Me: Moo? What the heck is that?
DJ: I want a burger. Can I get fifty cents off if I moo?
Me: It's worth a try.
Nat: Mom, you gotta make a noise for your meal too!
Me: I'm getting a veggie burger. What kind of noise would I make for that?
DJ: Ho!Ho!Ho!
Nat: What??
DJ: You know, Jolly Green Giant. Vegetables!
Kid at intercom: Can I interest you in trying Kentuck Fried Chicken today instead?

Raising Hell, indeed.


you guys rock.

That is the funniest thing I have read today. I have seen that same commercial for the past week and I said last night to my husband "I don't think I would want to save .50cents all that badly to have to cluck for it LOL
But your experience was priceless :)

i must go to BK. i have no desire for the chicken whopper, but it is a lifelong goal to go bok-bok-bok-bokkeeyy in the drive thru.

perfect excuse.

what sound do you make for french fries?


More like hahaha.

(ooh, that was bad, sorry)

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