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raising hell

raising hell

I'll let you in on a secret. I've been working on a project for a long time. And today is launch day.

I present to you, Raising Hell.

Raising Hell is a parenting blog, but it's not. It's all the stuff parenting magazines don't cover. It's the stuff that makes parenting fun. It's embarassing stories and fart jokes and birthday parties from hell. It's me and Melly, Mig and Pat, and designed by Sheila. Intrigued yet?

In Mig's words: Raising Hell is a new perspective on family life. If Erma Bombeck and Ozzie Osbourne had a bastard child and added caffeine, it would look a lot like Raising Hell. Raising Hell looks like a typewriter and sounds like a lawnmower. Raising Hell is red meat at a vegetarian restaurant. It's the dispeptic hippopotamus at the tea party. Raising Hell is about finding love and beauty in chaos and panic. Raising Hell: a new genre of parenting.

Read it, love it, link it please!


Wow - that looks great. I don't have kids, but I read for ten minutes and feel like I have a week's worth of food for thought! (or at least found myself taking a deep breath after reading a section and saying to myself, "that's amazing".)

i'm so there! already linked as blog of the day and will be regular link when i get home. can anyone write stories? i have a million of 'em...lol

Love it & linked it.

the site is wonderful Michele! Have just read a few snippets and I am already hooked!

Wonderful site Michele, I wrote thing long thing about my relationship with children on my site as a tribute.

Ok, I just finished crying myself to tears and then laughing my a** off. What a beautiful job!

I just hope this new site still leaves you time to keep writing your own amazing blog.

I'm done with parenting now (thank god it's over), so I'd hate to think you'll be depriving me of your wit and wisdom by spreading yourself too thin!

I love it

It'll be my number one tool while I decide whether or not to proceed on 'The Great Adventure'