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down in a hole

down in a hole

Unconfirmed reports of Layne Staley's death. It's not like anyone would be surprised. What suprises me is that he lived this long. Still, it makes me sad. To think of the talent he had and how addiction destroyed it.


Yeah, addiction is a bitch. And it is very sad.

Which is why we should all just toke up and avoid the drugs. Happy 4/20!

grunge was a very dark, dark....dark time in music.

that's an affirmative - autopsy on monday, body's been there for days, most likely an OD

April isn't such a good month for Seattle grunge band singers...

I loved AIC... I had just gotten into it, and it made me really sad to hear about his death. So many goo.. GREAT artists die from overdoses... Kurt Cobain, Bradley Nowell, and now Layne Staley. No, it's not surprising, but it's depressing. He may not live on, but his music, spirit, and influence will. :)

ڸ̨ “•˜ LONG LIVE GRUNGE •‰šȧ

One more thing...

AY & Forever!

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