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birthday shots

birthday shots

It was Bonnie's birthday and we went to lunch at the Mexican place and we had margaritas and shots of tequila and they made her wear a sombrero and they sang happy birthday in spanish and we danced with the waiter to some salsa song and i swore i would never have a liquid lunch again but it was bonnie's birthday and i couldn't let her drink alone, could i, and now im stuck at work because i can't really drive home until later and have i told you all how much i love you?

oh yea, and bonnie has the longest tongue i've ever seen. she could really make some girl very happy.

Mas tequila!


Yup - you would really enjoy the tongue......love it or leave it, thats what I say!

Does it have to be a girl? I a fan of the french.

So, so far the polls seem to show that, by and large, people looove going down on each other. 'Cause, man. Just... yes.

yes, glace is right. and now there's scientific proof.

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