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stuff 4.19

stuff 4.19

I haven't done the stuff thing all week, so pardon me while I empty my bookmarks and tear down my post-its.

First, Happy one-day-late birthday to MG.

I started Aldo's book, Interesting Monsters. Highly recommended. The first chapter alone was more thought-provoking than some entire books I've read recently.

Thanks for the book and movie recommendations. After I finish Monsters, I'll start on Confederacy of Dunces. As for the movies, we'll start our horror-fest tonight with Wicker Man and Mr. Frost.

Meanwhile, we're now killing Canadians as well as Americans with friendly fire, yet the reason we are in this war, Ol' Dirty Laden (remember him?) is still on the run, and we probably never knew where he was anyhow.

Robert Blake was arrested for his wife's murder. Think there's anyone who is surprised by that?

The planets are in alignment. It's a beautiful thing to see, but it makes me think of a fortune teller I went to when I was in high school. She said that one day in the future, when the planets were aligned, I will stumble upon a great secret that will have a great effect on world events. Sure, I laughed at her then. But now, I'm thinking that I'll find bin Laden hiding under my desk at work.

Site pick of the weekend: dogmaticMe.


confederacy of dunces is a great book. john kennedy toole only wrote one other book, called the neon bible, which is also really good, and much shorter...

My boss just came in and out of nowhere recommended DUNCES to me. I think I was meant to read it. He also told me the story of Toole's suicide and how the book came to be published. Fascinating story in itself.

Confederacy of Dunces is my favorite book. Enjoy.

Confederacy of Dunces is a phenomenal book. It was one of the funniest, strike that, THE funniest thing I have ever read. The best comparison I can make would be a 300 lb., Jerry Seinfeld who lives with his mother in the French quarter of New Orleans. My God, I think I'm going to read it again too!

Not-so-fun fact: Toole killed himself before his manuscript was discovered due in large part to his unsuccessful book. He won the Pulitzer, post mortem.

Post about it once you finish it, I'm interested to get your perspective...

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