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original sin

original sin

Seen on a sign outside of a church today:

Thank you for not sinning!

I wonder who they were referring to.



Nobody I know...

Here's MY sign:

Thank You For Not Molesting My Child!

Well, it depends on your view of sinning. If you believe, like some, that a sin isn't a sin until it's an act . . . Well then, it would be pretty damn hard to sin in church.

If, however, you take the hardline view and think even the tiniest of impure thoughts is a sin, you're probably screwed. I for one could never make it through a sermon without imagining going home and having wild hot and sweaty monkey sex with my girlfriend after the service.

It's all a matter of perspective, I think.

damnit michele I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ah there ive professed my undying love for u. its taken me a while. ive come out! lol.

thats my sin, that i think ure amazing.


eating shellfish?

Eating shellfish is a sin? Damn those lobsters, enticing me like that.

Damned wanton hussy lobsters.

And I nominate Kevin for popehood....his sign makes a shitload more sense.

It reminds me of a really bad joke I once heard about a man who was painting his barn and realized he didn't have enough on hand. He was too cheap to buy more paint, so he thinned what he had and managed to cover his entire barn. A week later, it rained and all the paint washed off the barn. When he saw what happened he looked up to the sky and shouted, "Why God, why? Why did the paint wash off my barn?"

In a boom of thunder, God replied, "Go. Repaint and thin no more."

Told you it was a really bad joke.

ha ha! that was a good one Fredo

Yea, that goes with my pun-post.

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