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the spring of summer

the spring of summer

Summer came early. It wasn't supposed to arrive for another two months or so, but there it was yesterday, dropping in like an unwanted relative. I like everything the summer brings with it, but I just wish it came with less stifling baggage. I wonder if it's here to stay, or if it's just dropping in with a preview of what it's going to make us suffer through later on when it packs humidity for it's stay.

So even though it was only April 16, we did summer things yesterday. We waited for the ice cream man and wore shorts and let the grass tickle our bare feet. We took out the Supersoakers and chased and ambushed each other until our clothes were dripping. We sat outside when dark came, looking at stars and inhaling the fresh, warm air. No jackets, no sweaters, just us laying back on the soft grass and staring into space.

There are negative connotations to this early heat. I think about global warming, about mad scientists messing with the natural weather cycle of the earth. I think about drought and brush fires. I think about the many bad hair days that lie ahead, when the humidity makes everything that has any life to it droop like death approaches. The dueling ice-cream men who circle the block like vultures, sweaty children with limp, folded dollar bills their prey.

I'll take all that because of the trade-offs. The beach at night. The end of school. Little League season and Yankee games. Hockey playoffs. Lazy nights. Driving with all the windows down and obnoxiously loud music making my rear-view mirror shake. Summer rainstorms with thunder and lightning and instant downpours. Walking to the Italian Ice stand. Barbecues. The sound of kids in the pool.

I have to keep reminding myself that it's only April. That even though it's 5 in the morning and 65 degrees, it's not summer yet. We could still get a late spring snowstorm, the way the weather has been working lately. I'm not putting the jackets away just yet. The sweatshirts are still sitting in the drawers. This crazy, uninvited visit by summer is not going to fool me into thinking that we can take the cover off the pool or drag the bathing suits out of storage.

It's sure nice to live out of season for a few days, though. Water gun fight, anyone?


If you're done borrowing the day of summer how about giving it back to us? It rained here in the SF bay area today! Whereas the day before we were driving around and gardening in shorts and T-shirts. I went to get on my motorcycle and actually went back inside because of rain. In april. unheard of!

We may not live in the same city but we sure are experiencing the same heat. God it's supposed to be 30 today. 30 in April. Aghhh. I thought Ottawa was far enough north not to have to deal with this insane heat. Nunavut here I come.

Yikes -- never thought I'd say "come to Florida" to cool down!

thank you for the reminder of how wonderful summer can be... I sometimes take for granted that I live in a place where winter doesn't really show it's ugly face.

OH MY sweet JESUS. It was 82 degrees in Manhattan yesterday. Just last week I was wearing a coat, now I am sporting tank top and thin pants...it is WAY to early for summer. It is supposed to hit 90 today....Also doesn't help that we have a drought in NYC and we completely need rain...

Much as I'd like to blame it on global warming, I think "El Nino" is a more likely candidate, as it is supposed to be coming back this summer. Would I be surprised if it came a few months early? No. Just like the guy to show up uninvited.

Are pasty white guys wearing a tshirt and long pants OK? That was me yesterday evening.

That's a nice post about summer. It's pretty much the same here. The temperatures are soaring and its only April.

I've also been paired with you on the Blogger Insider project so expect the questions as soon as I can collect my thoughts!

Very good writing about summer. It was warm like that through last weekend here in California, then Monday I woke up to rain and cold temperatures. Very bizarre.

Slip 'n slide!!!
Slip 'n slide is one of those toys that you think is going to rule, but really doesn't. Unless you're immortal, which I guess the target market mostly is. Still, it's no sit n spin.

Anyway. It's 54F and raining here. With 45mph winds. Woo! Brr! Still, I don't have to think about skin oil and sweat, yet.

I'm enjoying the summer preview as well. They said today here in NY it is the hottest April day ever. Next week it's going to be back in the 60s. Or maybe it will start raining frogs.

Last week it was t-shirt and shorts, and yes you called it. It's snowing in Buffalo. This time last week it was 82, now it 32 and 1-3" are expected. Three days from now the weather man said it might be 60. All I can think of is the inevitable cold that everyone in the entire city is going to get from these el nino weather patterns. I'm fairly sure this whole thing is a sign of the apocolypse. And the Bills got Drew Bledsoe, so add that to el nino and I think I'm building a bomb shelter in the back yard and investing in 33 gallon drums of purified water.

Isn't getting Blesdoe a good thing?