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looking for bloggers in all the wrong places

looking for bloggers in all the wrong places

Melly is here. Dave is here, for now.

And D has a fantabulous new design.

Also, all the details of Nancy and Cynthia's wedding, and then some.

And it was 90 fucking degrees in New York on April 16th. Let me be the first to remind people that hot weather clothing is a privilege, not a right. Use it carefully. I'm carrying a camera.

This has been a public service announcement.


Yes, it was entirely too hot in the NY metro yesterday. Even across the Hudson here in Beautiful New Jersey, the Garbage State.

A camera is a dangerous weapon.... Especially if you are taking part in the film exchange project

I have already seen too many pastey white people in shorts and tank tops.

i'm wearing shorts today. and no hat. i think i may need a haircut.

No, no haircut. When I think of you, I think of your hair. It's like....you.

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