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stuff 4.15

stuff 4.15

The back is feeling a bit better, thank you. For those of you who are dying of curiosity as to how I suffered this injury, the title of yesterday's post may give you a clue. Batman and Robin costumes were not a part of the scenario, thank you. Spiderman and Mary Jane, perhaps.

I spent yesterday on the couch like I said I would, watching Traffic, Blow, ten Spongebob episodes and Akira. I fell into a codeine-induced sleep and dreamed about a post-apacolyptic world where sponges rode motorcycles while running drugs for giant gods. I then had another dream where Tom Cruise was trying to throw me off of a balcony. At some point the dream swtiched to a prehistoric setting, and I was a dinosaur hunter. Something like Crocodile Hunter, but more dangerous. Nothing like Vlasic Park.

Today's site o' the day: Sweet Fancy Moses (where you can find contributions from Mecawilson).


Does the back pain somehow tie into your desire to battle orcs???

Akira + any kind of drugs seems like a bad idea to me... overkill, eh? Then again, I didn't like Akira that much, comparatively speaking. Glad you didn't watch Trainspotting too, or the nightmares would get more involved.

I didn't really care for Akira, either. I thought it was muddled. I'm debating shelling out the small fortune for the books, I've heard they are far better than the movie, and make more sense.

Wow, ten episodes? Did you buy the DVD also?

I bought two. One for us, one for the kids.

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