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rice throwing

rice throwing

At 11:00 am today in Miami, Florida, two wonderful people will join together in love and commitment. Congratulations and best of luck to Nancy and Cynthia. May your lives together be full of the joy that you bring to others. (Go here to leave them a congratulatory message.)

There are weddings that speak of love and wonderful things ahead and then there are weddings that could only be a sign of Armageddon. I keep having this vision that when Pamela Anderson says "I do" to Kid Rock, the mountains will start to crumble and the seas will start to boil.

I want to publicly thank Jonno for making a tiresome, frustrating week have a good ending. From New Orleans came a package containing two Dreamcast games, a Spongebob air freshener and free tickets to see Helle's Belles, which means I would have to get to New Orleans by the end of the month to use them. You have no idea how good that sounds right now. Unfortunately, I don't get a vacation until July. But New Orleans does sound wonderful. Thanks for making my day, Jonno. You rule.

And my plans for the weekend include not only playing the games that Jonno sent, but watching the DVDs I bought last night. Yes, we are going to spend the day watching SpongeBob and Ninja Turtles.

Congrats to the Shellens, who welcomed baby Drew into the world on April 11th.

So I got some email asking me why I have been so quiet on the whole Middle East situation when I used to talk about politics constantly. So, in a nutshell: Arafat is insane, Israel has as much right to fight against terrorism (yes, terrorism) as we do, this current U.S. administration is being awfully wish-washy on the whole thing and I do believe that the only interests they have in mind are their own. If you want more than you could ever want to know on the situation go see Charles. His site is like my cheat notes for when I know I am going to get into an argument with someone over this. And that's all I'm going to say about it. For the moment.

Side note to Carey: I'm trying to return your email. Obviously your site is down. Just don't think I'm ignoring you. Let me know when your facilities return. Not mental facilities because, well.....you know.

Anyone have any special remedies for making one stop clenching their teeth all day and night?



Justin says thank you.

ooh ooh ooh!!!!
do come to New Orleans! We all want to meet you! This could be your destiny!

And I get to see Hell's Belles tonight, if it isn't sold out.

You really should come to New Orleans. Make the best of it. Come the last weekend of april and you can go see the show as well as go to Jazzfest.

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