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must stop the flying fist of death

must stop the flying fist of death

hockey. baseball. spring weather. coffee. poetry. cold sheets. warm pajamas. movie trailers. sneak previews. candles that smell like pears. alternate endings. home runs. the simpsons. video games. october. sunsets. hockey playoffs. Clutch. convertibles. jigsaw puzzles. unsweetened iced tea. invader zim. comic books. mike patton. sharpies. filler bunny. fruit by the foot. soft pillows. hot showers. smirnoff ice. potato soup. the big slide at the park. sand castles. telescopes. little league games. douglas coupland. nick cave lyrics. no traffic. bottled water. sneakers. the onion. board games. clean laundry. chili. halloween. cranberry tea. home movies. highlighters. google. juvenile comedies. paid holidays. sudafed. sunday mornings. the super bowl. summer nights. a good sub-woofer. 80's new wave. eddie izzard. bill hicks. match game reruns. a clean house. a wooded path. walt whitman. laughter. post-its. penalty shots. upstate, new york. remotes.



Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! That's how Peter Pan flew, you know. Or some shit like that.

Yes! Space wins the prize!