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stuff 4.11

stuff 4.11

I dreamed about funerals and fires last night. I would like very much to stop dreaming, now. Thank you.

Natalie is going to the Nsync concert tonight. Just thought I'd mention that, for Glace.

Something happened at work yesterday that infuriated me. Unfortunately, I can't really talk about it here. But you know those Flinstone episodes, where Fred was yelled at and he would shrink each time his boss yelled at him? That's how I felt. Until it was pointed out by several people that the person who instigated the whole thing is the one who should be feeling small, not me. And then I went from being upset about the whole episode to being angry beyond reason. I have to stop the anger in its tracks before the fist of death makes an appearance.

Governmental thought for the day. Just remember, you're not being lied to. They're just leaving facts out. And at the next press conference, Mr. Rumsfeld will try to sell the media a nice bridge.

Right after he picks up his Muzzle award.

Speaking of evil people who should be muzzled, Carrot Top v. Ashcroft.

Today's site of the day is lay-c, because she somehow fell off my sidebar and I just noticed now.


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