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On line at the drug store:

woman: So, why was he wearing your mom's dress?

guy: Well, you know how women have penis envy? Men have woman envy. We all want to be women. So eventually our curiousity gets us and one day we put on a dress and some high heels and look in the mirror and say "Man, I would fuck me."


wow. i did not know that. so now, when i'm secretly imagining men in women's clothing, well, it's ok, because they want to do it too! i feel better now.

I bet most men would walk right past a woman who looks like they look in a dress. ;) Dustin Hoffman said the only thing he hated about doing "Tootsie" was that he knew he wouldn't have given a woman who looked like him the time of day.

Now I wish I hadn't put on that dress. I told myself I had to stay in and wash my hair that night. Sigh.

On line? or in line? Sheesh woman, you are worse than me.

Funny. That thought has never crossed my mind for even a second. He ainít representing me baby!

And I have pictures to prove it, too, Todd... ;-)

My first thought was, "drug store?" My second thought was, "I really should get a kilt."

I have a kilt, but never have I worn it, looked in the mirror and said that I would fuck me.

Miguel would be hot in a kilt. But Davezilla I'm thinkin' is more the squaredancing petticoats and bustier type...

You are scary beyond belief Jess.

I must say though, a man in a kilt, yum!

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