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stuff 4.9

stuff 4.9

Happy Birthday to my sister, Jo-Anne. It used to be cool to be older than you. Now it's just depressing. And I can't really wish you anything more than you already have. Ok, maybe just more of that.

New QOD: program your own tv station

site of the day (or next few days): photojunkie

Are you in Northern California? Looking for that perfect someone? Would you dare go on a blind date with Ernie as a chaperone? Then the BlindDate Blog is for you. And the ensuing hilarity is for the rest of us to enjoy.

I had my first night as Natalie's basketball coach last night. It was just a clinic, but I fared well. The girls thought I knew what I was talking about. Fortunately I have been paired with a father who is a school basketball coach. Unfortunately, this means I have been relegated to cheerleader. I can spend the season standing on the sidelines saying things like "Remember girls, we're here to have FUN!"

My cynicism and my desire to throw stones at the world has returned. Good-bye fuzzy bunnies and rainbows, it was nice while it lasted.


BLUSH.... you are such a sweetheart. Thanks for hooking me up....

PS: I wanted to talk to you about a certain Calendar I am putting together.... interested?

Woo! Toronto bloggers represent!

Rannie is indeed a talented young man. :)

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