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I dream of Kurt Cobain (not that I wanted to)

I dream of Kurt Cobain (not that I wanted to)

We get MTV2 next week, which I've been waiting a long time for. And in a great example of irony, the day we are receiving the music channel I've been hoping for is the day are bringing us an all day love-fest to Kurt Cobain. I don't like Nirvana. I never really cared for Cobain. Genuis? No. Trendsetter? Perhaps. Overrated? Yes. Haunted me in a dream? Yes.

It was around Halloween, the year after Cobain died. My mother goes all out decorating for Halloween. Every year is a different theme. That particular year was rock-n-roll graveyard. She made tombstones for every dead rock star she could think of and stuck them on the front lawn, complete with hands coming up out of the graves and cobwebs and such. It really was lovely. Elvis, Buddy Holly, Jim Morrison....they were all there. And so was Kurt. I don't know why, but this bothered me. It's not like I was a fan of the guy and felt bad. It just bothered me on some level I couldn't articulate.

So, that night after we decorated I had a dream:

I was working in a library. I had to put books away in the downstairs reference area that was off-limits to the public. It was a small room, crowded with floor-to-ceiling stacks and photo copy machines. I had to stand on a step stool to get a particular book away. It was a thick, dusty book of famous quotations. As I was reaching up to get the book in its proper place, I felt a presence behind me. Afraid to turn around, I took my time getting the book on the shelf.

Someone coughed, that clearing your throat kind of cough you use when you are trying to get someone's attention. I turned around ,and there was the presence I felt. Leaning on the photo copy machine as if he had every right to be there was Kurt Cobain, looking grungy as every.

He nodded in my direction and said "Hey." I waved to him.
"What do you want?" I asked him.
"Chill out. I just want to ask you a favor."
"Ok, but hurry. I have books to put away before I wake up."
"Um...do you think you could tell your mom to take my head stone down? It's giving me the creeps."
"I guess. I don't really like it either."
"Yea, it's too....new."
We stood there a few minutes, looking at each other. He came over to me and whispered in my ear.
"This isn't a dream, you know."
"I know."
He moved toward the door and pointed at me, a silent reminder of my promise.
"I'll take care of it in the morning," I said.
"I knew I could count on you. Thanks."
"Yea. Bye."

And with that, he was gone. I went back to shelving my books.

The next day I told my mother the dream and asked her to take the head stone down. She did. I never saw him in a dream again.


That's a good example of dreams having a direct impact on reality. There've been two times in my life where dreams changed my reality. I kind of wish it would happen more often. (ps: I liked curt on acoustic).

I'd hate to tell you what I dream about at night...

That was too freaky. All my dreams in childhood were of the adolescent variety. I was captain of a submarine with no crew, but a bevy of scantily clad women in the brig. I think I had that dream every night for at least three years.

These days, my dreams are more mundane, and I rarely remember them when I wake up. The only way I know I've been dreaming is the change in volume I sense in the ambient noise level. Things seem to get louder as I wake up.

I have this recurring dream. There's this big snake, and I'm rolling a donut...

Whoa -- that was amazing! I still can't believe his little baby Frances Bean is somewhere around 10 years old now. Just does not seem possible...

weird. i had a dream very similar to that just after my friend rusty died. well, not the fake tombstone part.

i didn't care for nirvana either, but chris is right. i heard some of their acoustic stuff after he died, and it's pretty good. they did some great covers on that unplugged cd - "the man who sold the world" and "plateau," in particular.

Itīs really freaking cool!
kurt cobain was an amazing man who made amazing music.
respect for little daughter frances bean cobain!

You know what, I found this by typing "Nirvana" and "dreams" into a search engine. That is really interesting! I am a fan of Nirvana, and even though I haven't thought about them in a long time, I had a dream about them last night. He was alive, and they were playing a gig here. I just had to go, and for some reason I thought I was going to chat with them. Meanwhile, the club was crumbling around them. I didn't get to see them.

This dream just stuck with me all day, so I was wondering who else had Nirvana dreams. And I found yours. thanks

I had dreams of Cobain,not all of them I can remember but when I do he appears alive in my dreams.I had this dream that Cobain was telling me and my friend he never died and is still alive.Then my alarm goes off on a Nirvana song.Isn't that creepy? I thought wow,his spirit is alive when that happened.There were like about 2 or 3 times this happened.I had a dream about Cobain and the alarm went off right on a Nirvana song.Very creepy.I remember telling my friend about this and she thought it was strange.

You are an idiot.
You should Like Kurt Cobain.
I hope you die. You fukin loser.

i would personally love to have a dream about kurt cobain. he will always be remembered by his fans.