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tv party tonight

tv party tonight

We've got new channels. I've got more NHL games than I can possibly keep track of. I get two out of town baseball games a night. But still no Yankees.

We also now get Noggin and Nickelodeon GAS. My stunted maturity makes this delightful for me. On GAS we get old Nick games like Legends of the Hidden Temple and Nick Arcade. But Noggin turns into something called The N at night. And finally, my dream has been realized. Reruns of Pete and Pete. I am in heaven.

With all these channels, I am on the way to making my perfect tv line-up. I sense a QOD in the making.

What time is it anyhow? I hate DST.


Thank god for microwave popcorn.

I guess there'll be no S.E.T. membership for you (http://www.processedworld.com/Issues/issue13/13set.htm).

i love pete and pete. i had such a crush on the older one. is it on nick or noggin? that's enough to make me get cable...

It's on Noggin, every weeknight, and in the afternoon on the weekends.