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stuff 4.6

stuff 4.6

Weekend website pick: Aldo Alvarez, gay celebrity.

I realize more and more that my home life is incredibly similar to that of the Osbournes. Without the oodles of money and rock stardom, of course. And I'll probably never be invited to the White House, either. Unless it's for interrogation.

modest needs. The internet at its best.

Don't ever let it be said my kids aren't trendsetters. Look what we started in Austria.

Skeletor has a party.

And John Dvorak is still an ignorant hack journalist.


Didn't Dvorak just write a column recently trashing bloggers? Another one so soon?

His attitude seems to be: Why waste time typing and thinking, or exercising creative skills when you could be watching TV?

I used to respect Dvorak back in the early 80s. Sheesh, has he ever changed!

Are you trying to win one of Aldo's books?


But I was going to link him anyhow.

heh Aldo was finishing up his PhD when I was finishing up my MA. From the few times I met him, he seemed really cool.