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tick tock....

tick tock....

I have this love/hate relationship with Daylight Savings Time. I like the extra daylight, but losing an hour throws me off. There aren't enough hours in a day for me as it is, and here I am losing 60 minutes of valuable time. Nevermind that the lost hour generally occurs while I am sleeping. It's still a lost hour.

Where does that hour go? Does it not seem odd to anyone else that we can just move the clock ahead with our hands and poof, 60 minutes have vanished into a black hole of sun conservation? What if that was the 60 minutes during which I would have bought the winning lottery ticket? What if that 60 minutes had been set aside by the gods of fate for your time to meet your lifelong soulmate? Or perhaps fate doesn't go by the numbers on a clock.

Suppose, just work with me here, that a world-famous psychic who has been proven to never be wrong with his/her predictions says that the world will end on August 15, 2002 at 5pm. What if, at 4:45 pm (EST), we all moved our clocks ahead to 5:45? Then 5:00 would have come and gone. So would the world not end at all, because we fucked with fate and made sure that 5pm never happened, or would we just all spontaneously combust when we moved the clock ahead, because the world ended during our spinning of the clock's hands? Or perhaps fate really doesn't give a fuck about time.

In which case, that missing hour really doesn't matter. Except to those who like to sleep in.

Feel free to ignore me.


Poof. Starring Britney Spears and Miss Cleo. Britney faces the second most daunting challenge of her life by getting the world to, like, not end by convincing an entire nation to move their clocks ahead by one hour after the villainous psychic Miss Cleo predicts the exact time of Armageddon. Britney plays the modern atlas, with the weight of her world on her shoulders in this soul searching journey. Screenplay by Michele C.

Sometimes I want to move to Arizona, if for no other reason than to avoid DST entirely.

I had to go to a client cocktail hour after work yesterday, which means I lost two hours of my weekend, and tonight, I'll lose another when the clocks go forward. I always feel cheated when the clocks go forward in spring.

Of course, I lost yet another 2 of my weekend hours watching Random Hearts, one of the stupidest, limpest movies I've ever seen, but that, of course, was my own damn fault.

Wait - did the time change? No one told me! Or is it tomorrow? Now I'm all confused...

My head hurts.
What time is it?

"Sometimes I want to move to Arizona, if for no other reason than to avoid DST entirely."

JD, if you want to avoid DST AND find a beach, move to Hawai'i. No DST here either. ;)

Yeah, but no DST would be like reason #436 on the Why We Should Move to Hawaii list, whereas it's #1 on the (considerably shorter) Why We Should Move to Arizona list.

Can you feel the envy?

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