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when it's time to change...

when it's time to change...

New banner courtesy of the magnificent Dave. Crappy coding done by my web-illiterate self.

Please be advised that "a fire inside" has been all but banished and the site is hereforeto known as A Small Victory, or the daily crap, whichever way you choose to remember it.

Comments, complaints and suggestions below.


That D. When he nails it, everyone else should just step out of the way. This is perfect. Simple, yet ass-kicking.

for lack of trying to come up with an original comment i say...


Killer! It looks great. For one who doesn't usually put much weight in visual style, I really like it.

A beautiful and fitting tribute to one of your favorites, Krispy Kreme.

Drool. Kickass. Dayam.

Gorgeous. And the site is nice, too. ;)

Congrats on your coding success.

R to the A to the W to the K

That's one mighty fine banner.

oh and thanks a flippin' lot for getting that infernal Brady Bunch song stuck in my head - complete with the squeaky Peter lines.

i love the new look. will update the linky love soon.

I assume your entries will continue to show that "fire inside?"

I assume your entries will continue to show that "fire inside?"

SWEET.... but now i have a huge doughnut craving

OK, how appropriate is it that this new logo (with a prominent "Bite Me" slogan) be introduced on the day when you're trying to be so polite...

I wonder if the Krispy Kreme trademark attorneys will like it? LOL
Now, didn't you change things befor from ASV to AFI? And now back? Maybe. Maybe I'm corn-fused. Any how, praise to the Buddha for the "find and replace" feature in Dreamweaver.

Looks great. Very 50's...I think.

i don't give a raw funk in a jockstrap - I ain't changing yr name on my blog till you send me an email..uh huh - blog to the hand babeee

You're making me hungry. Damn you.

So pretty!

Do you know, just yesterday I was thinking "Boy, why am I the only person in the world who seems to know that Michele's blog is actually called A FIRE INSIDE?" Then you had to go and prove me wrong. Bitch. ;-D

Silly D - did he not tell you that I told him I would gladly help you with code? That D! Then again, I was swamped with the server move - but now that the dust has settled, let me know if you need any help! I'd be glad to incorporate it into a design for you - one that both NS & IE users can use! GRIN

Christine, D did tell me, don't blame him. But I knew you were swamped over the weekend and I really wanted to see how much I could do by myself. I'll get in touch with you about the browser/design issues. Thank you!

Ooo! Me likee!

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