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stuff 4.2

stuff 4.2

QOD still singing and dancing.

I've been victimized by an elaborate and successful April Fool's joke. In the end, I think it was rather funny and clever, although some people seem to be a bit angry about it.

I never did fall for Dave or Candi's.

We went to Friendly's yesterday (with Natalie's "boyfriend" and his mother, which is a whole other post) after seeing Clockstoppers (best thing I can say is I didn't fall asleep). So DJ is sitting there, eating his ice cream and saying things like "The Yankees traded Derek Jeter!" One second pause. "April Fools!" And the older kids would give pretend laughs, humoring the little brother. After ten minutes of inane April Fool's jokes on the kids' part, the old, frail lady sitting across the aisle from them gets up, uses her cane to hobble over to their table, points to DJ's ice cream and says in an evil whisper "Son, do you know they put WORMS in the ice cream here?" DJ looks at her, stunned. She leans down into his face and screams "April Fools!" and breaks out into this cackling, sinister laugh. She then hobbles back to her table with a smug grin on her face. DJ never did finish his ice cream.

Maybe I should thank Cablevision for not giving us the Yankee game yesterday.


shit i love freaking kids out

Boyfriend? Yay. :) If you can tell w/o humiliating your child utterly, please do!

If you had went to mine first, before realizing it was April Fool's, I bet you would have fallen for it. Almost everyone else did!

That's hysterical! Poor kid!

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