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stuff 3.31

stuff 3.31

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

The Gospel According to Jim. While I am no longer of the Catholic faith, I still am very much fascinated by the story of Jesus.

And even though I don't celebrate Easter in its religious sense, I still like Easter goodies. Anathea sent me a package containing homemade Chocolate Jesii! 4 different flavors of chocolate deity in a cute little basket. Thank you, they are wonderful!

Normally, this time of year fills me with hope and a sense of renewal. But lately, I am just feeling a sense of dread. What I don't understand is our own country's reaction to Israel's reaction. When terrorists come into our country and kill our people, our leaders go after the person responsible and want him captured dead or alive. When Israel does the same, they are expected to back down? Isn't Israel going after Arafat equal to us going after bin Laden? And if I am wrong, please enlighten me. And I'm not saying they should kill Arafat, because that would just be a disaster in the making, no? There really is no good ending here. There is no solution. Just this overwhelming sense of dread hanging in the air.

I happened to catch part of John Edward's Crossing Over the other day (for entertainment value only) and who was on but Topanga from Boy Meets World. She looks umm...bloated. I think her lips need their own zip code.

And the famous are just dropping like flies.


I had the very macabre and fleeting thought that they should simply tatoo the dates and number of people killed by suicide bombers in the last 3 years on Arafat's face, and then release him.

But he doesn't really give that many interviews anymore anyway. And as far as I understand (which is almost nothing in this situation) his culpability extends to not acting as a leader to discourage bombings, but rather being somewhat silently complicit.

I think it's clear they can't kill or imprison him, as that would incite no end of trouble.

happy easter to you too. we celebrate the chocolate at our house. =)
and yeah, the whole mid-east thing is making me nuts. i just wonder how long it's going to be before that kinda crap (war in the streets) is an everyday occurance over here. i admit, im scared.

Like Katon, fear, is what the Israel situation creates for me. I don't have enough knowledge to know if what's happening is terrorism or war, and although I listen to public radio, and hear many discussions about both sides of the topic, the issue is so far from black and white that understanding is nearly impossible. So, I worry that we'll experience retaliation due to a decision our government makes. I've lived in a country where terrorist bombing was common, and yet I felt safer there, because those bombings weren't an 'attact on a world power'. I fear our own heavy handedness.

Hey buddy! Drop that cross one more time and you're outta the parade.

i hear Arafat wants to become a martyr. i say, yeah, let's go, c'mon now!

Well, it could be that Arafat and his people are fighting for their country, parts of which have been unlawfully occupied by Israel for over thirty years now. Of course, coming from a country which had to fight its own independence battles, I may be somewhat biased for the underdog, but why can't people who want their own country fight for it?

Devil: see here

michele, thank you twice for your last post. 1st, for a good link about the Palestinian situation(I won't go into where my bias lies on that issue). 2nd for linking Swerdloff's page... we went to school together. sings "It's A Small World After All"

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