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stuff 3.30

stuff 3.30

I dreamed last night of an enermouse game of hide-and-seek, where we were able to run the world over. It's posted here, because that is where my dreams go.

So we went to Best Buy last night and picked up Titus on DVD because I knew I would need to watch it several times. We also bought Donnie Darko, and watched it twice before the night was over. Strange, bizzare, surreal and fucked up. But a hell of a ride. One of those movies that leaves you scratching your head and wanting more. We watched it the second time with commentary, and while the story made a bit more sense after that, the parts that brought it all together were not things you would be able to surmise without the help of the commentary. And Ian must be following the same movie-watching path as us, because we watched Following the other night also.

Don't you love irony? A school seminar on tolerance was cancelled because some parents protested the attendance of gay and lesbian speakers. No commentary necessary.

When good bloggers go bad.

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