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stuff 3.26

stuff 3.26

New QOD: to dunk or not to dunk.

Remember when I said I would never volunteer for anything again? Remember when I said you should smack me upside the head if I do? Ok, smack me. Now.

I don't know what happened. I took Natalie to the opening girl's PAL basketball clinic last night, and ten minutes into the thing, I'm signing a paper that says I will coach her team. And there I am, in platforms and a too-short shirt, running drills with the girls. And I'm pretty much clueless about this. So, if anyone would like to give me a crash course in girls basketball, please...help. The last thing I need is to give a 12 year old girl further cause to be embarassed by her mother. I mean, at this age I am an embarassment for just existing.

Please check out my aortal pick for this week, What Was I Thinking. Because you don't have to be a rocket scientist to blog, but sometimes you are.

Please welcome rubber nun to the sidebar.

I didn't really watch all of the Oscars. Honestly, I've seen more Razzie winners than Oscar winners. But my observation just from seeing the pictures: Can these people not afford grooming accessories?

It's called a hairbrush, people. Look into it.


Three cheers for Rubber Nun!

Hip hip ... Hallelujah!

Consider yourself smacked. Although c'mon, volunteering is a good thing.

I think I'm going to have nightmares of the rubber nun chasing me and trying to eat me. Who would've thought an animated gif could cause a disorder: Rubber-nunna dentata.

I can't smack you upside the head when I do the same shit online. Get a hold of it now while you still can! :-)

For basketball help, you should email Wendy over at twodolla.org, she writes sports columns for a living....

There is a basketball for dummies, I think, with the fundamentals. Good luck!

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