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special moments from my family album

special moments from my family album

scene: Palm Sunday, parent's living room, whole family present.

Baseball season has not yet begun and the in-fighting between the Yankee and Met fans in my family has already gotten down and dirty.

Dad is a Met fan. Mom is a Yankee fan. Dad has been goading mom all day, making cutting remarks here and there about the Yankees. They trade Gooden and Strawberry jokes, good naturedly ribbing each other about past team transgressions.

After dinner we sit in the living room and the jokes continue. Dad mentions something about the Yankee lockeroom incident. I don't remember exactly what it was, but mom ends up having to defend the integrity of the entire Yankee team. Shouting ensues.

"You're always defending them, no matter what they do!"
"I am NOT!"
"You're a whore! You're a Yankee whore!"
"Did you just call me a whore?"
"Yes! You might as well be giving blow jobs to Roger Clemens!"
Silence. Everyone stares at my father. We stifle giggles while my mother looks absolutely enraged.
"You have the nerve to say that in front of our children?"
Dad looks sheepishly at my mom.
"I'm sorry."
"I meant to say Derek Jeter."
We roll on the floor laughing while my mom chases dad around the living room with the fireplace poker.

Just another Kodak moment.


Laughing. Loud. Hysterically manic laughter.

Whoa, am I the FIRST to leave a comment? I dont't think that has EVER happened to me here!

Oh. My. Lord.

Do our families know each other? I really think we might be related. It's frightening.

Mmmmm...Derek Jeter....

trade you parents. mine are totally boring - if one of 'em says "darn it", you gotta watch, the're REALLY pissed.

everything about michele explained in one easy post.

Not only am I quite certain neither of my parents would ever use the term blow job, I'm fairly certain they don't even know what it means.

LOL! Now that was a good story. However, Roger Clemens would be more of an insult than Derek Jeter.

as a met fan, all i can say is that was classic...

You should have told everyone what she did with the poker...

Wow. What are you guys planning for Easter dinner? And can we watch?

This was so hysterical, I had to share it with my husband who also had quite a laugh.

Growing up in the middle of that whole "Mets-Yankees" thing, was so bizarre and this brought back some memories!

Too funny. You should think about setting up a webcam and selling pay per view of your family functions.

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