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the war against SUVs

the war against SUVs

A flyer was left on the windshield of my car yesterday while I was in the supermarket. It said, in part: Thank you for ruining the environment. Your gas-guzzling SUV is destroying our air. It went on for a few more sentences, in big bold font, basically implying that I should be shot on site.

I looked around the parking lot and spotted three teenage boys darting in and out of the cars with stacks of the green flyers in their hands. They were pinning them under the windshield of every SUV they could find which, admittedly, is an awful lot in any Long Island parking lot.

I know I am looked upon with scorn by many people. I've read the editorials. I've heard the debates. SUVs and their owners are the enemy to many people. And you know what? I don't care.

Before I owned my Ford Explorer, I owned a Cadillac. I get much better gas mileage with the SUV then I ever did with that boat on wheels. I don't see environment-minded activists slapping bumper stickers on Cadillacs. There's more to this than gas mileage. I have had people complain to me that I bought the Explorer as some kind of suburban status symbol. Right. A 97 model of a car does not a status symbol make.

I chose an SUV for many reasons. It makes it easier to lug around baseball equipment and skates and helmets and bicycles and the neighbor's kids. I can grocery shop without crushing half of my cereal boxes in the trunk of a car. And who do you call when you need to pick up furniture from Ikea or your sister needs help moving? That's right. Call the person with the roomy SUV. We're good enough for that, right?

I chose an SUV for self preservation also. I see how you people drive. You weave in and out of lanes in your little Toyotas or Hondas, never using your turn signals. You creep up my ass when I'm slowing down in a school zone and you blow by me on the wrong side of the road if I dare make a full stop at a stop sign. You fly by intersections without yielding and come around corners without looking first.

I'm not afraid of you anymore. Not like when I had my Caddy or Mustang and I would cower in fear at you speed demons and rule breakers. Nope. I'm bigger than you. You come around that corner by my house without looking one day and I'm in your way, you're the one who is going to end up packed like a sardine in a crushed tin box. The way you drive your little economy car is one of the reasons I bought the SUV you hate so much. And let's face it. I'm not even the biggest fish in the pond anymore. Why waste time on my little Explorer when there are Excursions and Navigators who make my truck look like a matchbox car?

So I'm still sitting in my car, watching these kids play hunt the SUV, and one of them runs past me. I yell "hey!" out the window and the kid stops in his tracks. He looks at me defiantly, Marlboro dangling out of his mouth, as I hold up the flyer he left in my windshield earlier. I look him in the eye.

"Do you realize how many acres of rainforest had to be destroyed so you can make these flyers? And put that cigarette out. You're polluting my air."

I left him standing there with a blank look on his face as I pulled away in my SUV, a week's worth of groceries and various sports equipment all fit snugly in the back.


Glass houses and all that.

Sheesh. There are many perfectly valid reasons for owning a SUV. I wanted one once so I could haul around art supplies and giant ass canvases. (That or a hearse. But everyone wants a hearse.)

It's also a little easier to get some on the side in an SUV. Try that with a compact/economy car.

I happen to agree with the letter posters. Although its not about the environment. Its about your ability to drive. The fact is SUV's are responsible for more accidents in my area due to sure negligence. You cannot see my smaller car next to you so you feel its ok to pull into my lane (while im here)! you also can't merge for shit. You hit the interstate at 40 miles an hour. Lets see how your SUV stands up when some little honda civic broad sides you at 75 mph and you flip 7 times. All because you can't hit 60 off the offramp. Whats worse is you don't even try. You pull off of the off ramp at 40. I don't hate the vehicle I hate the idiotic drivers. Generally there too busy talking on the cell phone or glorifying the amount of space they fill up on the road to pay attention to the traffic around them. Did you ever think that those honda's passing you are passing you because thats the speed that the traffic is supposed to be going?

My brother rolled his SUV when some bitch in a mustang jerked in front of him on the Interstate and ran him off the road. He wasn't going that fast because it was rush hour. He was very lucky. We luckily talked him out of getting another piece of shit SUV.

I knew this girl in high school who died in an SUV that rolled off the Interstate. No one could ever figure out what the hell had happened. There were no other cars. They weren't drunk. Seven years later, it's finally made known to the public that an SUV's higher center of gravity gives it a higher probability to roll.

You're not being very realistic if you think you're safer in an SUV. That is not a reason to own one.

Edgar, that was a bit of generalizing there. There are shitty drivers in every make of car and truck. And for the record, I don't own a cell phone, I know how to merge and it's very unlikely that anyone is passing me because I am not keeping up with the speed limit.

Also note from my post that safety wasn't the only reason I bought the truck. It was mainly for space.

michele = moster truck beotch

As long as you don't convince yourself that Democrats are trying to stop you from having children by taking away your SUV, I think we'll be okay.

It was an overall generalization, I agree. It was not specifically directed at you. However I don't believe there is a test we can administer at the time of purchase to prevent you from purchasing an SUV if your an idiot. We can however stop making such vehicles. Yes, Idiots drive other cars too. However Other cars provide far more visibility, do not roll over at low speeds and do far less damage in a collission.
A small minivan would provide you with just as much space and safety, increase visibility, and be safer.

I had a minivan. My visibility is much better in the Explorer. That's what mirrors are for, anyhow. I've been driving this car two years and never once cut someone off because I wasn't able to see them.

I can fit lots of stuff in my tiny but surprisingly roomy and fuel-efficient Festiva. I'm just saying.

If you weren't able to see them. How did you know if you cut them off or not. Ive driven explorers, sure your visibility is higher torwards the front, but your visibility is far lower on the sides and in the back.

My Cadillac had a blind spot that was far worse than anything on the Explorer. And you don't think people make you aware of the fact that you've cut them off?

Bloody fantastic. Well said, bravo etc etc!!

Just to argue, SUV's are today's station wagons. They just seem cooler. As Edger stated, the roominess issue is lost by SUV's when compared to minivans. The difference in height between SUVs and most cars is a major cause of injury and damage to the cars/drivers (and saying small car owners drive poorly is a gross generalization). Most SUV's come with 4 wheel drive, which very few people use. The drag results in poorer gas mileage. Often the tires are a hybrid off road/highway style which really isn't very efficient for either purpose and creates handling and breaking problems (along with the already mentioned top heavy issue). SUVs are classified as trucks, so they meet a lower safety standard than cars have to. And finally, they're trendy, and I'm against anything trendy on principle alone. And why a Ford. I have owned three brand new Fords in my life, and every one was a lemon within a year.
Okay, honestly, I couldn't care less if people drive SUV's. I just like to aurgue.

I've just started reading your blog, so I don't want to be mean or nothin' since I don't really know you at all. But I think it's disingenuous to argue your point as if Cadillacs and SUVs were your only transportation options. Sure, they're probably similar in a lot of ways, and when you compare just those two things, the SUV might win out. But it's really not the same fight as comparing an SUV with, say, an Accord or even the average station wagon. And you can bet if 50% of new vehicles being sold in this country were Cadillacs instead of "light trucks," disgruntled environmentalists would be slapping "I'm Changing the Climate" stickers on those bloated richie land-yachts.

I hate almost every SUV driver in the world. Michele, you're the kind of driver I DON'T hate. the problem is, 98% of SUV drivers are like Edgar described... always on the fuckin phone, or generally doing something BESIDES paying attention to the road... they bully everyone around, cuz they figure they're safer in their huge vehicle. hey dipshits, just cuz you have 4wheel drive doesn't mean you can still do 90 when it's snowing or raining out!

As far as those flyer people are concerned, they should have one huge meeting with those truth.com people... and once they're all in one place, we can nuke the whole bloody lot of 'em.

The Cadillac was handed down to me by my father when my ex left me with no car. There was no other option. The SUV was a choice I willingly made, mostly for the storage room. Sure, a lot of car trunks will hold groceries nicely, but I can fit three bicycled comfortably into the back of my truck, plus various other equipment. My minivan (a Plymouth Voyager) had no storage room whatsoever. Could barely fit one suitcase in the back of the seat. I wasn't making an environmental decision when I bought the car. I was making a choice based on what I could afford in monthly payments, what was on the lot that was immediately available to me (the caddy died) and the ability to carry around kids plus everything they come with.

And, I think the point of my post was lost in my rant. I was just trying to address the issue of these kids running around yelling at people for wrecking the environment while they're littering a parking lot with paper and blowing smoke in my face.

Well, there's also a point to be made about necessity vs. preference. My parents managed to carry around three kids (and our various accessories) all over the place in just a plain old Buick. People managed just fine without SUVs for decades. Now everybody suddenly "needs" them? I remain unconvinced. Oh, well.

I don't mind SUV drivers as long as they're responsible with their vehicles, just the same as someone in a Yugo. A little subcompact with an idiot driver can be just as dangerous as an SUV with an idiot driver. For my own personal uses, I enjoy having my little silver streak Honda Civic because I like the maneuverability and the ability to fit into smaller parking spaces with a compact car, but then again, I don't have two kids.

As far as the idiots posting the fliers, I totally agree. I had a run-in like that at the grocery store last summer -- was having a great day and rolled into my parking spot at the supermarket with the windows down and the moonroof open. Stroke 9's "Kick Some Ass" was playing on the stereo and I was singing along to the chorus before turning off the car. This woman next to me also had her window down because she was smoking and she turned, looked at me with the evil look, then asked me "How can you listen to such offensive music?" while exhaling -- breathing cigarette smoke right into my car. I looked right back at her and said, "Lady, I'll stop listening to my 'offensive music' when you quit breathing that offensive cigarette smoke into my car and on me." She looked shocked for a moment that someone actually might have a response to her righteous indignation, then pulled out of her spot without another word.

"Monster truck beotch" would make a great bumper sticker.

If your visibility is better, I think that's good for you. Unfortunately, SUV's block my entire view of the road ahead, and I try to look out for sudden stops ahead.
I'm glad you know how to drive. It's too bad that when a bad driver is in a larger car, the effect is amplified.

Range Rovers = The Devil

We've discussed this. As long as you can order at fast food places in less than 60 seconds and you keep your tires between the stripes, I have no problems with SUV drivers. Slap an Honor Student bumper sticker on it though, and you'll become my arch enemy.

Wow, did you ever strike a nerve with that post!

My wife needs the space and convenience of an SUV, but we're also concerned about the environment and energy costs. So we compromised and got the Honda CR-V.

Hear! Hear! Well spoken. It's one of the true joys of life to get the chance to hoist a smug, petty, assured-of-his-own rightness moron on his own petard.

And, just for the record, my 98 SUV gets better gas mileage than my 86 two-seater convertible.

i have no problem with suv owners. i have problems with people like you described, who bitch about, say, the fuel economy of SUVs but stamp their cigarette butts on the sidewalk or throw them out of their, say, honda civic.

i've driven a truck, an escort, and an old piece of shit thunderbird i was given by my grandmother in college. the escort was too small, the truck (with no cab) was worse, and the thunderbird was a giant death trap. i drive a 4-door mid sized sedan, but i'd drive an SUV or hell, a fucking minivan if i could afford it.

and yes, assholes drive all types of cars, including small economy models.

and why ford? i don't know why you drive a ford, but i do because right now ford motor company is issuing my father a paycheck every month.

Saying "My SUV gets better gas mileage than a 12-yr-old Caddy / a Sherman tank / the space shuttle / a pickup truck hauling a trailer full of cattle" does not by any stretch mean that your SUV is fuel-efficient, Muad'Dib et al.

Not saying that, Amy. I'm just saying, those kids were running around the parking lot tagging SUVs when there were probably plenty of regular cars in the lot that get worse gas mileage than my truck.

I call them SLUTs. Because I think of them as Sport Light Utility Trucks (many of them are actually built on truck frames).

Anyone who really wants one or needs one should be free to buy one with impunity (that's America IMHO). The problem is we're all a bunch of marketing whores. Last year SLUTs outsold passenger cars! That is a bunch of people not responding to necessity - but the artificial need planted in people's minds by marketing geniuses. They know people aren't going introspectively ask: 1) is my desire for an SUV worth blocking everyone's view? 2.) do I need to carry around 2000 pounds of unused weight everyday? 3.) do I need to increase my country's dependence on foreign oil?

Michelle's car is definitely not the problem. It's the sheeple for whom the decision is arbitrary, that if informed or conscientious might choose otherwise - but simply don't care, that are the problem.

Wow! You have really hit a nerve. I hear the same arguments about my Toyota 4-Runner. And I get decent mileage from it too. Unlike alot of people I do take mine off-road when I go camping and hiking/biking. But primarily I got it so my dogs (golden retrievers and a terrier) can come along on trips - without sitting on people's laps. Despite my driving an SUV, I am still a member in good standing at my local Sierra club.

Michele, I did not mean to seem as if I directed all my anger at you. I'm angry with the car manufacturers and the government that continues to ignore or not do enough for environmental and safety issues. I understood that you were ranting about the hypocritical little punks, and you had every right to be angry with them. I own a foreign small sedan that gets average mpg for its size and passes emissions tests, yet I still feel bad for being hypocritical and wish that a bus or train ran through my exit off the interstate so that I wouldn't have to own a car with insurance payments as high as my car payment that I can't actually afford right now anyway and wouldn't have to deal with those inconvenient times when something in my car engine breaks, and I have to have it towed and have someone come pick up my stranded self as happened on Saturday. I'm also sorry I used so much profanity.

I live in the biggest market for SUVs in the entire world. In my neighbourhood, they outnumber cars 4 to 1. I don't see the big deal. I think all this anti-SUV sentiment is just hidden class war jelousy. They are maybe seen as some sort of suburban bourgeois symbol. They do not "ruin the environment." So maybe an SUV gets 25 mpg instead of 50. So what? They are usually owned by family and are multi-passenger vehicles that are not driven long distances. Michelle has two school age kids. I want someone in that situation to come out in favour of a small economy car.
A lot of people in SUVs drive like assholes. So do a lot of people in cars. You just don't notice them as much.
If these kids were worried about the environment, they'd start a campaign to have people make sure their tyres are properly inflated. That wastes more petrol than SUVs. But that wouldn't be cool, would it? It wouldn't be fighting the suburban bourgeois mommies. Not punk rock enough, I suppose.
These trucks tend to be a bit heavier, and thus a little harder on the roads. But here in Texas, they pay higher annual taxes that even that out.
I don't have a family, and have no need for a truck, so my little BMW suits me fine. My parents shuttled us around (and a lot of friends, stuff, favours) in a Range Rover well before there was such a term as "SUV." If I had kids, started painting large-scale again, was a photographer, started a trading buisness, started mountain biking - something like that, I would probably get an SUV of some sort.

The only real complaint I have is I wish the city would regulate larger parking spaces. Sometimes it's hard to squeeze in/back out in my car.

Nor I did mean to imply that my 4Runner was necessarily fuel efficient because it beats out my convertible. I merely wanted to point out that it's all relative and fuel efficiency has improved a lot in a short time.

I feel no particular need to justify my choice in those terms anyway. I bought what I wanted - and not because the TV commercials said I should want it. First off, I hardly ever watch TV. Second, I had a friend over 20 years ago whose parents had a Bronco. About the same time, my grandfather has an International Harvester Scout - the original SUV. I always liked that kind of car and wanted one.

Since this was before the mid-80s CAFE rules forced the automakers to make the cars and minivans so light they became death traps, SUVs never really took off. After the new CAFE rules, the light truck exemption made them the safest family mover around.

People who don't like them may enjoy calling all of us - millions now? - who own them slaves to the marketing whores. But we're not. It's a rational choice for people - like michele and Suzy and myself - made from among many.

Now that we have tackled homelessness, drug addiction, AIDS, crack babies and teenage pop sensations, I guess the SUV is fair game. On my top 10 list, this would rank at number 92 without a bullet.

I drive a Neon. Does this mean I do the Macarena and date women named Lupe?

michele + fans = fite!

Perhaps you're right Muad'Dib. Everyone makes rational choices. I know 5 or 6 people with SUVs, none of them have families, none of them go off road. When I asked them why they chose their car in casual conversation, the universal reply was, "Because it's cool."

Everyday when I would commute to work in an urban environment (SF Bay Area), I found myself surrounded by single occupant SUVs. I wanted to coin a new term - SOSUV - but it never worked well in a sentence. Everyday I can't see a damn thing because I'm surrounded by SUVs. I'm usually on a bike so I can just go around them - but that gets hellish too.

My friends above aren't conscientious types, they don't follow the news or world politics, they don't think about gas mileage, or the fact that the non-SUV behind them on the road, or next to them in the parking lot can't see. They don't consider the excess of 4500 pounds of metal to commute, when 2000 would do nicely. For them SUVs are cool, they can afford them and don't care how much gas costs, end of story.

When SUVs are outselling passenger vehicles that are cheaper and get twice the MPG, that's when I wonder why it became popular to wear hats and talk in the movie theater.

I think my friends are not atypical, but obviously they don't represent the entire SUV community. Many people have good reason for the car they buy, for others I submit it's somewhat aribitrary.

I would defend my friend's ability to make this arbitrary decision with my life, as I think America is about freedom of choice. I think no one who chooses an SUV should feel attacked (IMO). A hairless head doesn't a fascist skinhead make. But arbitrary doesn't mean freedom from consequence. I think the SUV debate is an effort to make the decision less arbitrary - and thus has no significance for those who have made an intentional choice. But the ignorant have nothing to trade off, while the informed do. From information comes conscientiousness - but those guys with the flyers in the parking lot are taking the wrong approach.

Well spoken, Chris.

Thanks :)

Charles, you must have missed Ford's public announcement back in 2000 that its SUVs are environmentally and socially irresponsible vehicles. http://abcnews.go.com/sections/living/DailyNews/Ford000512.html

Fossil fuel consumption and consequential depletion is a pressing issue that you can choose to ignore, as many do, but that's not going to make it go away.

SUVs are evil.
-They cause more accident fatalities than other vehicles.
-Yes, they do harm the environment. Remember the environment? Arguing this is ridiculous and frankly annoying.

Minivans and Station Wagons may not be as cool, but they're much more fellow-driver-friendly (and eco-friendly).

I have no beef with people that drive SUVs individually. I do take issue, however, when people try to rationalize owning them.

The use more fuel, but I feel it's a stretch to call SUVs "environmentally and socially irresponsible vehicles." Come on - why is no one talking about those society-destroying underinflated tyres. We have to act now for Mother Earth, people!

the point is, you have a big car, with terrible gas mileage, that is responsible for many deaths in accidents ( I recently saw a beetle sideswiped by an SUV. The girl in the beetle was taken to the hospital, the two guys in the SUV were perfectly fine). You don't really NEED all the space, as far as I can tell you're not lugging coffins around, you're a housewife, who, like many others, is not "evil", just inconsiderate, a tad selfish, and way too american (and not in a good way). Please reconsider buying one. YOU DON't NEED IT, and your gluttony does more potential harm to others than it does good to you. END OF STORY.

Just to throw another point of view into this old post I live in the suburbs, home of the "useless SUV's". I drive a 96 Jeep Cherokee. It's perfect for my offroading and camping needs, heck I've helped tow smaller vehicles with the thing. I completely understand why SUV's get a bad rap, and that is because of the fact that most teens and soccer moms with money think they need a bigger vehicle for no other reason then load space. It's rediculous. My feelings are that unless you have a need for the vehicle, then why drive it? I don't drive a little sports car because I have no need for me, it doesn't fit my needs. My Jeep fits my need. Now if I was one of the many people who have an SUV and never even dream about taking it off road or even camping with it, I wouldn't own one because it would just be excess baggage.

Does anybody care where the gas to fuel these 8 miles/gallon SUVs is coming from? I don't drive any car, yet I pay income taxes to pay for military expenditures to protect our oil interests overseas. We shouldn't shoot SUV drivers, we should just raise gas taxes until poeple can't afford to drive them. Those gas taxes can pay for the military, not me.

why would anyone spend more than they need to on vehicle that is larger than they need, less efficient, more costly to insure, maintain and drive. gluttony comes to mind. read through the other messages and see how many deadly sins you can find. i'm not suggesting than sin or god is real or anything, but its easy to note how the livestyles of many are quite sad.

I think there is just one simple question to be asked here: what can you do in an SUV that you cant in, say, a subaru outback? If you are 7 and a half feet tall, I more than encourage you to drive an SUV. Maybe you want to pull a trailer. Ok, for you tall people and trailer-pullers, drive away. But there are far to many SUVs out there for that to be the case fro everyone. But, if you are of normal dementions and do not own a large fleet of horses that need to be carted about on occasion, please consider a different car. You can off road all the hell you want in a nice subaru outback. My Aunt owned a jeep cherokee before she bought her Subaru. She is photographer for the chigago tribune, thus she carries copias amounts of cammera equipment around with her all the time. She has testified that more equiptment fits in her subaru than did in her SUV. You're driving of these monsters is keeping us tied to middle east , as we are dependant on them for fossil fuel. AND YOU ARE PAYING MORE!!!! twice or three times as much as almost anyother car owner. You want to try to deffend yourself? Go ahead. But europe, with its small and fuel efficent cars, is laughing at you. And so am I. America continues to make further advancements in technology, so why are we going backwards here?

I hope some of you suv drivers kids have to go to war and die in the middle east so you can have your giant gas guzzling stupid urban vehicles to drive

I just bought a 92 Explorer. What I like most is that it's made of metal. Sure, I've got a higher roll over rate, but if I hit any plastic alloy cars I'm the one with the scratch and the '02 civic is totaled. People need to tell car companies to start using metal again. My family owns a sedan and a van, and my Explorer gets much better visiblity. When it comes to accelerating, it's not as great as a plastic car, but I go with the flow of traffic. It's not about the car you're driving, it's the driver of that car. I've seen Hondas 5 under the speed limit, and I've seen vans going 10 over. People need to think of others when they're driving, and USE YOUR BLINKER! There is a reason why we have them. I've driven all sorts of cars...Hondas, Toyotas, Fords, Chevrolets, sedans, vans, stationwagons, and suvs. I feel safest in my SUV because I can see my surroundings much better, and I'm not 10" off the ground. I admit there's a car for every occasion...you won't see me driving my Explorer in the snow, that's what low, wide cars are for. I live in Seattle, and when I look at cars it's all about the status. An Explorer isn't going to give you status, a Mercedes is gonna give you that. I can't afford that status, but the Explorer has been practical and in my price range. When it comes to gas, it's not 8 mi/ gallon, more like 15-20. What's .50 a gallon when you get outside the city and bottom out over every pothole. Besides, I bought my Explorer for $3000, and the only money going into it is gas. If I had bought a new Honda I'd be paying $500 bucks a month just to pay it off, and then paying for gas on top of that. In 3 months my car has helped me do things none of my other cars could do. When I can afford an SUV of the future, the problems will be fixed. I don't agree with Suburbans, Excursions, and Escalades (at least in a city), but my Explorer can park much easier than the other cars I've driven. There are flaws to every car, not just SUVs. But the Explorer sold me to SUVs, and right now I'm enjoying it.

I don't own an SUV but I do live on the other side of a creek and when we get a lot of rain and you have to cross a slab. So, while I'm stuck at home and can't go anywhere, everyone else in my family that drives SUVs can easily get across. Besides, what about all the semi trucks that get four miles to the gallon? Are you going to slap flyers on their windshields when they're the ones that are supplying the stores that you buy almost every thing you own from. Are you saying they should take 10 million trips and haul everything by car? That's what I thought. And for all the people who are arguing that people that drive SUVs are either talking on the phone or running people off the road because they don't see them, I talk on the phone all the time, I don't get run off the road by SUVs, I do get run off the road by cars that don't care to look and see if I'm there, and guess what, I drive a car. You can't say that all the idiot drivers out there are in SUVs.

Combo tires on suv's do not create brakeing or handleing problems,trucks do meet strict saftey requirements and idiots drive everything.Mini vans suck for saftey,the worst thing you can own.They are poorly desighned and the space is not very useable.Blind spots abound in mini vans.Suv's are both safe,functional,agile,and useful.And I own and drive fords,chevys,gmc's,toyotas,saturns,jeeps. So I can tell you that both the chevy truck and ford truck do good jobs of hauling,the chevy handles much better.The Ford mini van sucks all around but will fit my family of 6.The saturn sc2 performs well both in handling and acceleration,The Toyota monster truck hauls and does it without using a tanker of fuel,and my 3 4X4 jeeps are the most fun,they will reach 75mph faster than the twin cam saturn,get 22 mpg and i can see all the way around.Suv's are the best and you just don't like it cause you don't have one

I fully support chris's statement above. Very artfully said.

Wow! Another incredibly smug SUV driver -- a true poster-woman for vehicular solopsism.Guess what? The world is bigger than you, and your two kids, and your cereal boxes that need to arrive home intact. Not only are you contributing to our dependence on Mideast oil, but you're driving a car that blocks our view, guzzles gas and is a general drain on the environment. But what does that matter? It's all about you and your vital, vital needs.

I agree with Luiza's statement, and I add "Grow Up!" SUVs are unnecessary! They pollute up to four times more than an average car! Stop driving gas guzzlers! "just because I can" is no excuse for driving SUVs. Get on a bike, walk more, and make do with things that don't have such an impact on the environment... life does not revolve around your comfortable life alone. Think It's Patriotic!

Hmmm intresting story kinda annoyed by every ones one sided comments though and as for those people that roll over ther SUVs they just can't drive i'm sixteen alrigth and i've been doing offroad raceing in a hevely modified suv since i was thirteen trust me no one is every passing me on the high way and from my exsperiance i can outamanuver a mustang in an exspedition anyday

oh and by the way Chester tires to have alot to do with brakeing and turning i run 40 inch tall by 14.5 inch wide tires on my truck and before i put on new brimbo breaks and high performance stearing hidrolics system my stearing was definantly shit but if anything i think the most threatinging thing on the road is defensive drivers there slow and way to causious. If you come o a complete stop at a stop sign boys then accelarate for those of you bitching about fuel efficency if you keep a basic motion in the vihicle the accelaration uses less fuel so maybe there is a method to my madeness i'm not gonna say i'm a safe drive but i've never gotten a ticket or in a road related accident off road doesn't cout thats competition accident are unavoidable then if you plan on trying to win. All i gota say is SUVs are the least of ya'll worries it's the friggin granny drivers

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