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little white lies

little white lies

Standing on line in 7-11, I overheard a converstation between a mother and her young son. The son was relating a story about a friend's friend who found half a bug in his ham sandwich. The boy was worried that his friend's friend would die of some dreaded bug-induced disease. The mother remarked that everyone eats bugs now and then, we just don't know it. In fact, she said, studies show that the average person eats about 18 bugs during their lifetime.

I had heard a similar statistic pronounced by my own mother, back when Natalie was caught eating a grasshopper. It occurred to me that there was never really a study done on such a thing. It's just one of those things that people say to make you feel better. See also:

It's good luck for it to rain on your wedding day.
Good things come in small packages.
Einstein failed math, too.
At least you have your health.
Sperm is filled with protein.


you know, i was also told that sperm was good for acne -- if you rub it on your face.

fell for that one.

I got married during the largest blizzard of the half-century. Mid-December 1974. We couldn't leave the hotel to get to our honeymoon. I was separated on my first wedding anniversary, and officially divorced on my second anniversary.

I still think back on it... that blizzard was the best thing that ever happened, so the saying must be true.

(happily remarried - this time for good)

Sperm is filled with protein, I like that.
Too bad your average seman has very little sperm for its overall content. The majority of it is in fact urine.

Damn... you mean number 1 and number 5 AREN'T true?? And here I thought that the reason Jim and I have such a wonderful marriage is because it rained that morning. And here I thought that since I wasn't a big meat eater anymore that ... oh, nevermind.

The majority of semen is NOT in fact urine. Under normal circumstances the sphincter at the base of the bladder is tightly closed during orgasm/ejaculation, and the cowpers glands usually secrete enough fluid in preparation for ejaculation to clear residual urine that may be in the plumbing.

There is protein in semen however, along with fructose, and other small molecules found in many glandular secretions. 5-25 calories of worth of goodies.

When I was young my aunts used to paint egg whites on their face to "cleanse" their skin. I used to do it too because it was fun to wait for it to dry and then crack a big smile and feel your face shatter. I can't imagine sperm is any different.

I heard a statistic once that people eat several spiders a year by accident while sleeping (little ones of course).
I can't imagine it's any di

The majority of it is in fact urine.

please, please tell me that's not true. no. no. not, you know, URINE, as in, fluid produced in that area of the body and....

oh my god.

It's not true kd. I think Edgar is bent on this one. It really is good for your skin. Well...at least as good as conditioner is for your hair - as long as we accept the general notion that applying protein rich liquids to expired dermal substrates is a good thing. One might even argue that it's as good for your face as washing it is - as one usually follows the other.

You look 28 at most. No one passes the bar the first time. Some kids just aren't ready for toilet training at 2. Cats' mouths are cleaner than ours. Urine is sterile. Black is slimming.

No, honey... that doesn't make you look fat.
It's not you, it's ME.

I'm just not ready for a commitment right now.

People had better be able to pass the Bar the first time. I don;t think I could stand going through all that again. But black really is slimming - I wear a lot of it and people are always telling me how thinik I look.

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