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basiliskitis and truancy

basiliskitis and truancy

I let DJ stay home from school yesterday. No strep throat or stomach virus or anything like that. Nope, he had come down with something called basiliskitis.

basiliskitis: Dreaded disease caused by an incomplete report on the basilisk lizard; symptoms include tears, pleading and eventual angst-induced stomach ache.

The thing is, he had all week to do it. But he was also assigned a Rainforest report the same week, which entailed doing part of the project every night. This also came the same week Natalie had two huge projects due, plus other homework that they both had. This left very little time to get all projects completed.

DJ worked until late Thursday night (well, late for a 9 year old), making a cover for his report, rewording the report three or four times, making the cover over again...it's tough being a perfectionist. I left him alone to help Natalie finish her science lab and when I went back in his room, he was sound asleep on the floor, surrounded by crumbled papers and a not nearly finished report. I put him in bed and figured I would wake him up early to get the paper done before school.

This was incredibly optimistic on my part. Most of the morning was spent with him crying that the report wasn't good enough, the cover looked bad, the rainforest project still wasn't done. Meanwhile, Natalie was in a panic over her hair, her clothes, etc., and I was trying to calm her down the same time I was trying to convince DJ that he could get his paper done before it was time to leave. This is all at 6:30 in the morning. Justin gets up and tries to help DJ with his paper, but it's too late. The breakdown has commenced. The crying and pleading has started. After fifteen minutes of this, I relent. I call work, tell them DJ is sick and I'm staying home, and send him to his room to work on his report for the day.

So, the question remains, did I do the right thing? After reviewing the situation, I am left with the following answers. Please choose one.

a) You are a rotten mother who has taught her child how to shirk responsibility.
b) You are a rotten mother who has shirked her own responsibility of making sure her children complete their school work on time.
c) You are a sucker who has let her child completely manipulate her.
c) You are a shrewd mother, who will later use this as a bargaining chip (remember that time I let you stay home....).
d) You have passed your procrastinating skills on to your children and your sense of guilt overpowered your desire to send him to school without the complete report.
e) I am calling the truancy officers on you.
f) I don't care. Where's the penis and farting stories I came here for?


lol, i have done this. sometimes i think the school has no idea how much work they actually give to the kids to do. i have tried to help on so many reports and fund raisers and class nights and projects that my head spins. no one can say wether it was right or wrong. you know your child and how he will feel and use this to his advantage if he ever feels this way again. my kids try it all the time and sometimes i say yes and sometimes no. im a sucker who cant stand to see her kids cry.


and g) none of the above

well,w aht about the kids penises faritng stories?

I pick both "c"'s and "d". Nothing is all black or white.

h. You've just given your child the skills of a college student.

The kid is only nine, so maybe the trauma of ALMOST having to go to school with an unfinished report will have him scared-straight. One thing is clear. There have been some behavioural expectations set - that a good cry will influence you into allowing him to stay home.

My advice... make certain your son knows this was an isolated reprieve, and the next time, he'll have to face the music alone.

I'm gonna go with C and D.
He might have gotten an A anyway, and learned that while it's crucial to live up to your own high standards, it's also true that the rest of the world is not quite so perfect. It's a tough lesson - to live up to your own standards on your own time while playing within a system. Bleah. Plus, typically, deadlines are more important than finesse, but that's probably a harder lesson meant for later.

You did what you thought was best for your child. He didn't make the decision for you, but he sure did influence. It's a tricky balance to keep the hardline...are you doing it or is the school doing it? A large percentage of parents wouldn't care enough to be bothered with it to act. You should be proud to participate but don't be afraid to pull the reigns if you think you are being worked...

you have two kids? You have learned to be Machiavellian. D of course. That's being your basic mutha.

Maybe you're simply preparing him for graduate school. Then he can stay home for a whole year to write his report :) before handing it in to his teacher(s).

I think what you did was OK - but didn't they just get off Spring Break? Did he not do any work at all during the break? I'm probably just bitter because my parents would have said that's what you get lazyass, better practice flipping burgers for the rest of your life.

Spring break is next week. And like I said, it wasn't for lack of effort.

Heh my bad. You all are on the YANKEE CALENDAR.

As the mother of a 9 year old... you did the right thing. Then again, I am a procrastinator too, so maybe it's not too wise to listen to me. Hmm. Oh well...

Procrastination should be nipped in the bud, so kids don't end up like me... but I think you had "extenuating circumstances". A little slack isn't too bad, when kids are young... and he did want to get it right, which is admirable.

I've gotta go with g) none of the above as well...
as a mother of a hord..lol ( 7,9,10,& 15 ) I know full well about "mental health days" just remember to give your self one as well.

D, D, D, D, D. How could you???? Have you learned nothing??? Wait, can you be a procrastinator and a perfectionist at the same time??

DATE: 03/28/2002 05:16:05 AM
DATE: 03/28/2002 05:16:05 AM

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