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skeletons in my closet

skeletons in my closet

I wanted to do a bit of spring cleaning yesterday, so I thought I would start with the closet. But damn, I forgot those skeletons were in there. What the hell....it's time to drag out all those skeletons and dirty little secrets that have been hidden under the pile of old clothes for so long. It's a big huge confessional here today.

1. I was a teenage Dead Head.
That's right. I wore flowery shirts and tie-dye pants and spent hours in a smoky arena swaying to never-ending jams and feeling the love. I was a wanna-be hippie and needed nothing more in life than great ideals and a nickel bag of pot.

2. I was a complete geek in grade school.
I wore dresses that looked like this. In 5th grade even. I wanted to be a hall monitor. I took the bus to the library every Saturday for the special reading programs. I was the teacher's pet and proud of it.

3. I am a registered Republican.
Was that the sound of 100 people dropping to the floor in a faint? Relax, it's only for political-connections and employment purposes. I've never, in all the years I have been eligible, voted for a Republican president. As a matter of fact....

4. I voted for Ross Perot.
Oh, and in 1980, my first time voting for president, I voted for John Anderson.

5. I love musicals.
I can sing along with any of them, a trait Justin finds frightening. Find me a musical on tv, and I will get up and sing to every song. Want to watch me act out South Pacific? I can, you know.

6. I was a gif abuser.
When I first got online several years ago, I made a website. It had animated, spinning gifs. It had flashing dividers and rotating email signs. And...a...midi. I'm sorry.

I think that's enough for now. And stop laughing and pointing at me. You know damn well there are things just as bad in your own closet. At least I've admitted mine.


I wore a maroon corduroy "Members Only" jacket in high school (early 80s). In fact I found it in my basement last week and it still fits.

There is nothing like a dame in a pinnafore dress. Nothing in the world.

Musicals? Girl, I am so there this summer. We can do Sweeney Todd in your front yard. With sporks.

> I was a teenage Dead Head.

Can you do that snaky dance the Dead Head girls do?

> Want to watch me act out South Pacific?

Can you do this one?

i still attest you are really a gay man.

Hm... 3 of those are true about me also. Of course if I said which 3 it would ruin all the fun.

Eeksy, my sister and I have been known to spontaneously break out into "Happy Talk" at family gatherings.

> my sister and I have been known to
> spontaneously break out into "Happy Talk"
> at family gatherings.

Short-lived family gatherings, then? [har har]

Do you do the weird finger thing with the song?

>Do you do the weird finger thing with the song?

It's just not the same if you don't.

We've also been known to do a rousing rendition of "Sunrise, Sunset" at the dinner table.

My dresses were way worse. They were made by my grandmother (don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the love and effort) and they not only had three layers (dress, built-in slip, built in lacy layer), each one also had a bell underneath.

I should get a month of therapy just for that alone.

A syllosgism (of sorts):

> 5. I love musicals.

> There is nothing like a dame in a pinnafore

So can you sing the complete score from HMS Pinnafore?

"I sharpened those pencils so care-ful-lee
That now I am the ruler of the Queen's nav-ee!"

I'll take you on G&S anyday.

omg...my first page had more gifs on it than actual text....too funny

Heh. I've been in "Pinafore" twice. In fact, I do a G&S show once a year with a local group. "For he is an Englishman... for he himself has said it, and it's greatly to his credit..."

I think 3 and 5 shock me the most. 5, because you site is so eye-friendly now!

ani gifs i can understand... we've all used those... but, a MIDI? that muzak-sounding thing? that's just wrong...

I used to be such a teacher's pet in elementary school that I even stayed over at a couple of their houses and went for dinner innumerable times. It was sad.

It didn't stop in elementary schol, in high school I started a whole bunch of clubs with my Grade 11 Math teacher of which we were the only two members. So I was and definately still am a major geek.

Oh yeah and I used to wear pinnafore dresses too when no one was looking. But that's not a skeleton, that's just me!

weren't midis just the "best"? dee-dee-dee-dee-doo-doo-dee-dee..(uh, that's my midi impression)

Here's the worst part:

It was a Metallica midi. Enter Sandman, I think.

I found three of your six in my closet also.

Most of my other skeletons were drug induced, the worse of which was trenching yards in a cop car that belonged to the dad of a friend of mine. (I have photos from this adventure or I wouldn't believe it myself) Good thing I cleanded up my act.

I voted for Perot. I also voted for Gore. I knew my vote in TEXAS wouldn't matter a bit, I still had to do it.

OK, the John Anderson thing? Me, too. There's even some evidence: http://www.pixelmonger.org/streams/images/porkfest_port.jpg

You voted in 1980? What are you, like 50?
Heh none of those is that bad. I don't understand the registered as a Republican for employment purposes. Isn't it against the law for an employer to as your political beliefs?

you - republican - fuck now there's proff, concrte evidence - michele = CIA tooge.

Hm. No gifts, but I tattooed my hand in 8th grade, with an anarchy symbol. Because I was deadly bored, having been taken from the S.F. Catholic school tradition where I wasn't quite so much trouble as the smart-with-initiative kid (plaid skirts do a lot to keep one in check) to a mediocre public school in a suburb.

Oh and I have an MP3 of a song from Liquid Sky playing on my travelogues page. It's played on a Moog.

So there you've got me both in a pinafore up to 4th grade) and being a pop culture loser (gifs, sewing-needle tattoos, whatever), and sporting a Moog (thatclose to midi) track.
My hand has a cleaner aesthetic now, too. (Scraped the tattoo off when I went incognito.)

I think I had that green jumper with the strawberries on it. And a little white shirt with berries on it underneath.

nope. nothing in this closet -- i have been cool since the womb. never did anything geeky. ever.


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