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i dream of tech tv

i dream of tech tv

I had a dream that I won this contest on Call for Help. Chris Pirillo and his crew flew to my house in helicopters. They were going to look at all our computers (there seemed to be about 100 of them) and tweak them and add programs and make them super powerful.

So I hear the copters overhead, and I see Chris dangling from one of them on a rope, he's going to drop into my house like some kind of superhero. There are camera crews and make up people. There's only one problem. I'm not dressed. I am running around the house in my underwear and I can't find my pants. And none of the pants I do find fit me. I hide in the closet and wait for someone to bring me something to wear. I finally find a pair of pants hidden under an old raincoat. I put them on and when I come out, Chris is gone and my whole family got new computers and got to be on tv, except for me because I wasn't wearing pants.

Today's aortal pick: the other spite meat.
QOD still running.


Who needs pants when you have an old raincoat? Better yet, every guy I know loves the ending scene in the alien movies of Sigourney Weaver running around in her underwear. I'm sure Chris Pirillo would have been happy to inspect your processor sans jeans. But it was your dream not his.

I was there last night. Where were you?

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