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warm fuzzies


warm fuzzies

Sometimes in the middle of the night when the wind sounds like a ghost and the shadow of the rocking chair looks like a hunchbacked monster and all the worries and anxieties of the day are circling your head and screaming at you like banshees, you need warm fuzzies.

So I layed there in the dark (ok, I turned the nighlight on) and tried to think of all things memories that give me that warm, comfortable feeling inside. Those moments that you would love a chance to replay over and over again, or just experience one more time. My warm fuzzies:

The time I had the measles and my mom set up the lounge chair for me outside, so I wouldn't miss a beautiful spring day. She gave me a blanket and a pillow and a pile of books and made me lunch and served it to me. Then she sat next to me and read with me until I fell asleep in the sun.

All the times it snowed on Christmas eve, when I would stand at the front door and delight in the way the snow looked almost blue at night, the way it made everything glow and sparkle. And in my child's eye, every twinkling star could have been Santa flying through the sky.

The smell of my grandmother's house on a Sunday morning. Tomatoes and garlic and olive oil, so sweet and wonderful and strong that I could smell it as I stood on the sidewalk outside her house.

My children when they were infants, both of whom loved to fall asleep on top of me in the recliner, their little heads resting on my shoulder, their fingers curled around mine, and I'm glad I knew enough then to treasure those quiet, serene moments.

The first time I kissed Justin, on the Amtrak platform in Penn Station.

The second time I kissed Justin, outside of Penn Station, the noise and bustle of New York City all around us. We were oblivious to everyone and everything except for the man who stopped us mid-kiss and asked if we had just gotten married because we were behaving like newlyweds.

Every "I love you" that was every spoken to me or by me with sincere honesty.

Summer storms when the sky gets suddenly dark and the wind comes out of nowhere and the thunder shakes the ground.

Autumn days where the sky is that perfect blue and the leaves are a million shades of October.

Waking up and laying in bed, feeling that dread of another workday in your stomach and head, then realizing it's Saturday.

Finding a favorite movie on the tv while having a 3am insomnia bout.

Having a bedtime story whispered in your ear in the middle of the night when you are having a hard time getting back to sleep. Falling asleep in the arms of your favorite storyteller.

And yours?


Driving to my friends house with the top off in my MG for coffee when I was in high school.

most of these you've mentioned, minus kissing justin. a first snow, the air after a storm, holding my sleeping child, watching her ride a bike for the first time...

Man, must be something wrong with me. If I need to ward off night time spikies (as opposed to fuzzies right...?) I usually end up thinking about what I will do tomorrow, planning my day etc.

Terminally sad, that's me.

Gordon, that's how I ended up with insomnia, I believe. Laying awake trying to figure out my plan for the next day only made me more wide awake, and brought on new instances of spikies.

I got warm fuzzies just reading about your warm fuzzies...

thinking of my ol' dog Drew (who's been gone a couple of years now) and just remembering the special relationship we had. Damn, he was a good dog.

My children's laughter, knowing that I can still scoop them up for a hug without an "aww Mom!"

The way my husband touches me every time he's close, even if we're just passing in the hall, how he smells my hair every chance he gets.

Getting all mooshy...

Sitting on the front porch with a nice J watching a summer rain. Looking into my daughters eyes and understanding the meaning of life. Looking at my wife and knowing I'll never have to date again. Tripping while camping with friends... wait that was 10 years ago and all my sources have gone away. Oh well, the memory still makes me warm and fuzzy.

Hey, were you on that same camping trip as me? Did you see the Statue of Liberty on top of Bear Mountain?

No? Ok, it was just me, then.

Rocking Matt to sleep at 4am and he suddenly breaks into laughter.

Gazing up at the stars, floating on my back in a hot spring-fed pool in Death Valley. They have really good stars there.

Hugging her in her flannel pajamas. They were faded and held together in one spot by a safety pin, but they were soft like an old friend. They smelled like love.

Falling asleep, afterward.

I have to agree with Val. Reading your warm fuzzies gave me a warm fuzzy. I think I am going to post all my warm fuzzies on my page as well.

Just to name a few:

Hugs from anyone

This time I read Rudyard Kipling stories to my mom until she fell asleep(I was like 8). It made me feel really good.

Listening to music and suddenly remembering a really good moment.

Meeting someone new and hitting it off right away.

Getting into a nice warm bed(preheated by someone) on a really cold day and rubbing your bare feet together(no socks allowed in bed).

That's about it for now.

Did you know that the term "warm fuzzies" came from a long story that had "cold pricklies" in it? I wish I could remember the whole story.

My warm fuzzies : Thinking of the kindness of certain friends. The kisses given by my three year old god-daughter, Lorena. What it's like to really connect with someone special. My best friend Tim, who cracks me up.

The times I have taken long drives by myself, usually in Northern Michigan, Minnesota, Canada - around Lake Superior. Especially when it was a sunny Autumn day. Such freedom and emotional bliss...

Agreed. Reading this post was one for the list Michele.

Coming home every night and seeing my three cats lined up by the door waiting to greet me.

[BTW, I love that your archives folder is named “oldshit”]

Sitting on a quiet dock on Lake Winnipausaukee in New Hampshire, staring into the star filled sky and watching dozens upon dozens of shooting stars, while holding Frank's hand.

A good hug frommy mom.

When my dog gives me that "look". You know the "unconditional love look"

When my doggie comes over to me and cuddles against my leg when I pet him. Pure love.

"drinking beneath the 405 in the ivy"

Hearing my kids laugh in their sleep.

That Saturday one ranks right up there -

To know that I'm loved unconditionally by my kids and by my girlfriend.

Being away on business and then coming home.

Either watching my girlfriend as she sleeps or smelling her hair and skin while laying next to her.

The way the world smells after a good rainstorm.

Watching the sunset anywhere in the world. It's never the same as what you see at home.

Instant friendship that doesn't have sexual overtones.

Discovering something new (visiting historical sites or snorkeling...I'm just like a kid!!!)

Add these to most on your list and you've got it!!!

How about....
summer rain, fireworks on the fourth of July, the way Christmas tree lights shine in your kids eyes, (not to mention the kids faces on Christmas morning), "puppy" breath, and hearing your favorite song from sooooo long ago come on the radio.

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