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stuff 3.19

stuff 3.19

New QOD, where the Q is not for Question, but for Quote.

So many issues, so little time. There's god-induced book banning, an "army of god" throwing support to a bomber, men of god not only abusing children, but pratically hiding those who do, and you see where I'm going with this.

Oh, I wasn't going to read the news anymore, was I? Damn. Old habits die hard.

But hey, the Rangers got Pavel Bure. Gotta take the good news where you can.

And just for the record, if you are going to compare playing in a Streetfighter tournament to making love to a woman (clip 2), you probably have never made love to a woman. Inflatables don't count.


why don't inflatables count ;-(

why just ban the books? they should BURN 'em too! and then, after then, they can ban dancing! just keep an eye out for that pesky Ren...

Interesting, the Army of God article didn't mention their connection with the only person thus far accused of the anthrax letters, particularly the ones sent to Planned Parenthood.