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more penis fun

more penis fun

So everyone wants to know: where's the guy with his penis in the coke bottle? Where's the link? The pictures?

Well it was just an urband legend, people. But who am I to disappoint? You want penis stories? You got em.

Man pounds penis with hammer and nails, spills cola on it, has it chewed off by rats.

Penis Captivus

Mountain Dew shrinks penis size.

Penis stuck in swimming pool suction.

Penis glued to leg as revenge.

C3P0's penis.

Penis + vacuum cleaner = sucks.

Scrotum self repair.

Severed penis stuck to freezer.

Had enough yet?


i just threw up.

Mommy, make it stop.

You want penis stories?

Er... no, not really.

That's just wrong.

how did you get such a collection together? so very freaky.

Ugh, I hate it when I'm reading something and all tense and nearly in the fetal-position, but I can't seem to hit the back button until after I've finished reading it...

yes. had quite enough. thanks for asking, and for relenting.

i can personally testify to witnessing penis/vacuum cleaner couplings. it ain't pretty, folks, but it helps if said penis is utterly impotent.

it's when it gets hard, there are, er, problems.

And yet...better than Todd in a bra!

Now I wouldn't say that...

C3P0's... penis?
(Must stop remembrance of bad SW erotica. Eww eww.)

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