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brain spittle

brain spittle

Had a strange day yesterday. It started off with this depressing gray cloud hanging over my head, the result of no sleep the night before and the realization that my house is a complete disaster and I could not find the motivation to start doing something about it.

I met a friend for breakfast late in the morning and on my drive to the diner I passed a church. There was a huge, lighted billboard outside the church, with a sign that said "DO YOUR CHILDREN BELIEVE THE MIRACLE OF EASTER IS A FUZZY BUNNY?" with no further explanation nor any instructions for what to do if that is the case. I really wanted to call them and tell them that the miracle lies within the chocolate bunnies, not the fuzzy ones. But then I would have gone into my chocolate jesus thing, and I don't think they would have appreciated that. Not to be confused with Candy Coated Jesus.

We went out to dinner last night, hitting several restaurants that we couldn't get into and then we realized that everyone was celebrating St. Patrick's day. We decided to try an Italian restaurant, which probably wouldn't be filled with people drinking green beer and singing Danny Boy, but after they sat us practically on top of a couple that was one half Fran Drescher and the other half Mr. Chew With Your Mouth Open, we got up and left and went next door to the Chinese buffet. The food was really good, the tables were roomy and spaced well and can someone tell me why a Chinese buffet featured hot dogs wrapped in bacon?

We went to my sister's house after dinner so Justin could hook up their new, superfast, superpowerful computer that they do not deserve. These are people who thought they could transfer the data from one computer to the next using one single floppy disc. I am so buying Justin this shirt.

So I watched the news and glanced at the St. Patrick's Day parade stories and I wondered why they are so offended at the thought of gay people ruining their image by marching in the parade, but they have no problem pissing in public, acting like complete drunken morons, and generally making idiots out of themselves year after year. They really shouldn't march around holding up their American flags and claiming to be these wonderful God-Bless-Irish-Americans patriots if they mean only straight Irish Americans. They can cloak the parade in the shroud of 9/11, but it still comes out the same to me; a parade of exclusion and narrow mindedness.

But what do you expect from a country that allows things like this to go on? Progressive, my ass.

Ok then. Do me a favor? Go read this. Dr Strangelove, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Blog. Thanks.

I do have other, less random things to say. After coffee.


good thing you didn't tell em about the goldfish who leaves lincoln logs - cos that's the stroy of jeeeeeeeesus.

Hah, I was looking for a transcript of that online, but I couldn't find one. Let me know if you know where I can get it.

it's a breath of fresh air to hear a person who's not gay actually support a gay person's right to exist. thank you.

try that

also good - http://www.konformist.com/2000/bill-hicks.htm

Not to rag on Kansas overly much, but that was also the state which a year or so ago fought horrendous battles in the school boards about creationism v. evolution theory. Some of those community leaders seem to want to lead the citizens back to the 19th century.

What the hell does the St. Patricks Day parade have to do with sexuality? Should we all wear banners stating our sexual preferences? It's an Irish American parade. Simple as that. Not a "State Your Sexual Preference Parade". Maybe that's why they don't want Gays marching under a seprarate issue. These people are celebrating their heritage, not who they choose to fuck. I don't see what the big deal is. As a woman who loves women, I should know.

They have Irish firefighters' groups marching, but it's not a parade about occupation. ;)

No one is trying to change the focus of these parades, but every major parade in every big city has a group marching in it that's some kind of gay association. Except this one.

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