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story time: more bodily function fun

story time: more bodily function fun

Today marked day one of Exercise Plan V.75.2. I was going to make this one work.

The day was supposed to start off with a long morning walk. Not one of those power walks, where a person walks so awkwardly they look like a crazed puppet. No, just a regular, albeit brisk, walk through the neighborhood. Two miles tops.

5:30 a.m. and I head outside. I'm suprised by both the warmth in the air and that it's not as dark as I anticipated at this hour. The birds are chattering, the squirrels are fighting over something dead in the road and there's a light rain falling, which is fine with me. I walk.

This is so nice, I think to myself. Peaceful. Relaxing. I become excited at the thought of doing this ever morning. Getting in touch with nature and my thoughts and the world around me. I used to do this, many years ago. I try to remember why I stopped.

About a mile from home I remember. I have to pee. My sister isn't exaggerating when she says I should have a catheter installed. I can't go more than half an hour without having to pee and I've already had two cups of coffee and a quart of water. I am a mile from home at six in the morning, and I have to take a piss. Badly.

I stand on the corner and resist doing the pee-pee dance. I go over my options. There are none. It's not like I can knock on someone's door and ask to use the bathroom. There are no stores open yet. I stand there and contemplate my fate. I think the birds are laughing at me.

It starts to pour. Out of nowhere, the sky opens up and drops a few buckets of liquid on me. The sound of the heavy drops hitting the pavement makes my bladder long to be emptied. Drip. Drip. Drip. Bladder water torture.

I start to walk east, even though my house is west, because I am stuck on one of those winding streets with no outlet and now I have to go the opposite way and all around before I can head back home. The downpour thins out to a steady drizzle. . Drip. Drip. I curse the skies. I look to the sky and I swear that one mocking cloud is shaped like a toilet bowl. I cringe. My bladder screams. I walk.

I find that if I walk fast, it exacerbates the situation and the urge to pee right there on the sidewalk gets stronger. But if I slow down, I will never get home. I eye the huge hedges surrounding the house to my right. No. No. I cannot resort to that high school antic of peeing in someone's yard. I'm not a drunk teenager. I am a sane, sober adult. I. Will. Not. Pee. In. Someone's. Bush. Drip, drip, drip goes the rain. My resolve is shrinking.

The sun is starting to break through. Bright pinks and reds make their way through the line of clouds and behind the shades of sunrise is a brilliant blue sky. Vanish blue. The kind of blue that the toilet water in your mother's house is. That kind of blue. I cross my legs.

I go north one block and then turn west and I am headed in the right direction at least. I try not to think about toilet bowls. The wind kicks up and an empty Poland Springs water bottle flies by and hits me in the shin. Water. Liquid. Pee. I step in a small puddle and the sound of my foot hitting the water is amplified in my head. Someone's automatic sprinkler goes on. Water, water everywhere and not a toilet in sight.

I can finally see the side street I have to turn down. I'm close to home. My teeth are floating at this point. I remember how my mother used to say "I have to piss like a race horse" and I start wondering just how much a race horse pisses. This makes me walk faster, almost break out into a trot and my bladder jiggles and wiggles and begs for mercy. My eyes are watering.

Finally, my house is in sight. I chant out loud "please don't let Justin be in the bathroom, please don't let Justin be in the bathroom" and I sprint the last few steps, over the porch, down the stairs, into the house where, thankfully, my bathroom door stands wide open, waiting for me. I don't bother closing the door. I just pee, sighing orgasmically.

I go to the safety of my living room, cross "morning walk" off of my exercise list and start shopping for a treadmill.


and why ddin't you just piss yr pants and get it over with - morning walk +pleasure = fun!

this is, indeed, my least favourite part of the outdoors. it's fine if i'm in the woods and have remembered my camper's biodegradable toilet paper (or have soft leaves), but people don't wanna see my ass over their rose bushes.

Heh, that's pretty much why I have a treadmill, too. Well, that, and because you can walk year-round without worrying about the stupid weather. Just don't buy one at Walmart. They crap out after a year...

Alright already - now I have to pee!!!!

And I also can not go into a woman's bathroom stall without giggling now - I keep searching for the italian shoes too. I'm only in CT so she could be at the mall near me.

Thanks for the giggle.

ahh, there's nothing like a good pee, feels sooooo wonderful.

but think of what good kegel exercise you got from your walk!

Blokes don't have this trouble. I've been known to take things a ala belle etoile. But I know, girls don't dig peeing outside.

Oh come on! Do the peepee dance!

The more I read, the more my body speeded up the conversion of coke to pee. But I'm at home, so it's not a problem.

If you really want to walk (being in Nature etc.) get some Serenity. When my husband was having problems (diabetic induced) I told him there was more shame in peeing down his leg than wearing something no one but he was aware of. After all, we are women and having something absorbent between our legs is not a new concept.

If Justin had been in the bathroom you could have pee'd in the Millenium Falcon. (I'm a dork. Couldn't resist that one. Now I have to pee. Thanks.)

LOL! I gotta pee now.

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