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tidbits 3.16

tidbits 3.16

It's all about me today.

Twice this week I have been immortalized in comic form by D. I am Buttercup. As if there were any doubt.

I dream of spacecheese and I gave Dave my snatch.

Decided to plan my August wedding based on this one. What are the chances I could get Gary Coleman to be my ring bearer?

I am number two for making farts on the net. World domination, here I come.

QOD awaits you.


"I's all about me today."

Good line.

The typo you are referring to will self destruct in five seconds.

Yeah, but I still have more links than you. Unless you cheated, which I am sure that you did. Because you are a cheater.

Yea, well you are a poopy head.

And I didn't add any links today because I thought I would be nice and let you win.

This time.

Poopy head.

That's what you are telling me, but I'm sure you've added more. I'm sure you've mass emailed everyone how you are the winner and I am the loser and that is not true. Because I am the winner and you are the cheater.

So I've written them all down on a piece of paper and I'll be checking a couple of times a day to make sure you aren't sneaking any in there that haven't been acknowledged in chat by me.

By the way, I am going to add Twisty Pants which makes me 132 and you, still at 128.

Stop stealing my links, you slut.

I'm going to give you a test on your links tomorrow just to make sure you really read them. Cause if you don't, that makes you a cheater AND a liar.

And a slut.

I added three which makes me 134 and you, STILL, 128.

And just because I have slept with all 134 doesn't make me a slut. Although tomorrow, I'll be at least at 139 because it's a Sunday and people are at home from work.

Excuse me, but you did NOT sleep with me.


You were supposed to write about it. I guess we can't all be as good as Gordon.

> The typo you are referring to will self
> destruct in five seconds.

Damn. I liked it the way it was. I even suspected it was intentional. Turning "It" to "I" adds an I-ness to the me me me of "I's all about me today."

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