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special effects

special effects

Day 4 of strange effects:
I am having these moments where I feel like I could either run a 50 mile marathon or drop on the floor and sleep for 50 hours. My adrenaline soars and drops like NASDAQ. I can't eat and I have cottonmouth I haven't experienced since 1980. My boss said I look feral.

And now I'm thinking this side effects issue can play to my benefit.

Wow, your hair looks like shit today!
It's the Paxil!

Do you realize you were doing 70 in a 40?
It's the Paxil!

Ohmygod! Are you listening to Kylie Minogue?
It's the Paxil!

You haven't completed a single piece of work today.
It's the Paxil!
Oh wait, no....that's Snood.

It's really the same excuse I used in high school when I was caught wearing gold lamé pants and dancing to Donna Summers.

It's the drugs, man!


Woah, talk about addictive -- Snood is all that.

"Hey, Lisa, you want to study for our history final?" (this is like two hours before the exam and neither of us have studied)
"Nah, I'm playing Snood"
"Can I steal your notes then?"

you were listening to Kylie?

Seek professional help IMMEDIATELY!

Kylie is better than Debbie Gibson. And a naked Tiffany is just plain unattractive.

Yea, but I was listening to The Locomotion.

My friend had a similar experience on Paxil. Her name is Michele, now I call her CornBread.

You'll be okay, unless you have a sudden urge to register as a Republican. Paxil is not a sufficient excuse for that.

Spork safety alert: Time to replace all the shiny metal sporks with wimpy plastic ones.

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